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Why must we vote in pencil?, when everything else has to be in ink, to be legal...?


Own pens aren't allowed!, in Aus anyway!, well, my local polling booth at least!..

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    Actually, this question is answered on the AEC website ( - top reasons are:

    *Pencils can be stored easily between elections.

    *Pencils don't leak ink everywhere.

    *Pencils work well under a wider variety of weather/climatic conditions.

    *Pencils are more reliable than pens.

    *It is just as hard to tamper with a pencil mark on a ballot as an ink mark - the AEC have ways of detecting altered ballots.

    *The AEC website states that if you really _want_ to use a pen (your own) you may (so it sounds like you were not correctly advised).

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    I always take a pen with me to vote with and have many people to do the same and no one has ever had a problem with it. Vote in ink.

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    Pencils can be read easily by electronic means. You just feed them through a machine. Pens cannot be read with a reasonabe level of consistency, so they aren't used.

    The method of electronically marking multi-choice questions is popular in high-schools and particularly universities and colleges.

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    They are cheaper to buy than pens. I know some people that take their own pen so their vote cannot be changed. I'm not that paranoid though.

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    Its definately not partisan since both partys are just flip sides of the same rotten apple

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    Probably so this time around, the Democrats can erase the republican votes and replace it with theirs. See, they are still upset that old Georgy Boy spanked em good in past elections.

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