Why do muslims hate white people? (for real, I have found an actual part that says so)?

I was OPEN-MINDEDLY curious about the islam religion and was looking up things about them and I have found a website where these muslims (not terrorists, a muslim family who runs a bakery wrote this page for other muslims to study through) And they called us devil caucasians, and the reasons (as best I can gather it) is because we stole the land from the native americans and are all selfish and evil and greedy. My problem is, Muslims in america are mostly african-americans and people from the middle east, I didn't even know native americans had anything to do with the muslims, and if not, why do they hate white people for it? It's not any of their business... and not all white people are selfish, evil and greedy, and even if that were true, I bet you could find just as many in the muslim community. And don't come spouting anti-islam sentiments, because I am completely against that, no matter what relinion color etc., I am open minded. I'll post the website link in the next block.

Update 2:

okay, no, it's not about native americans, it is about african americans and middle eastern people-americans over here who are "pressured" into not being muslim, but it isn't all our fault is it? I told you I don't really understand it that well, lol.

Update 3:

I do understand that, and as a matter of fact, I am technically a muslim, that is why I was studying it and I was taken aback by this a little, that is why it offended me, and then they put on there how muslims should not mix and all sorts of stuff, I was concerned, that's all...

Update 4:

Oh... I didn't know there was a different group for african americans.... and when I say I am technically, I mean I have done all I should to be included in the actual indoctrination of myself into the religion except visit mecca and observe dress style and diet and read the whole (or even a large chunk) of the quran

Update 5:

Okay, I am going to admit something and a lot of people tell me I am stupid for "religion shopping" but the reason I am technically a christian and a muslim and a wiccan (by accident) is I am really trying to find a religion I am comfortable it (not like, I don't LIKE any religion, but one I can do all things that the religion involves without feeling bad about it) I told someone else about this and they said I was a selfish ignorant sheltered idiot and religion isn't about fitting one to yourself, but conforming to one. But I say that at least I am not making up a new one just for my own benefits.

Update 6:

Thank you all, I was especting to get majorly chewed out by everyone, but I just had to get some peace of mind about that, I would have hated to continue my studies counting out islam forever because of those people... It is somnething I do not like doing, I want to be as open minded as possible (without being wishy washy of course)

Update 7:

Oh yeah, and I am accidently, but also technically a wiccan because my friend initiated me while we were messing around in a store he was shopping at(he is real wiccan) and he told me that even though we were only joking, it still counted and I was part of his coven, so I don't know

Update 8:

Actually, Mike, lol, this may be a coincidence, but it seems like every one of the christians in the 3 churches my family has ever attended (at different times) hates walmart, so, lol, I wouldn't be stretching it too far. And as for me acting like this family, I have read a few of their other articles and they may be from different sources, but they seemed to conform pretty well to what I had thought (positively) that Islams felt and lived, So I had assumed they were regular normal islams, I know I shouldn't have jusmped to comclusions so fast, but it sort of hurt my felings a little, since I had been seriously considering converting and then "BAM" slap in the face, I forgot that this was only one family's view, I do realize now I was wrong, but I was hurt when I wrote it, and I still managed to be really polite (I think) about it, I was wanting real Muslim opinions, I wasn't wanitng to validate myself, just get facts.

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    In light of your question, and following comments I have found this quote from Abdul Bahà favorable...

    "To man, the Essence of God is incomprehensible, so also are the worlds beyond this, and their condition. It is given to man to obtain knowledge, to attain to great spiritual perfection, to discover hidden truths and to manifest even the attributes of God; but still man cannot comprehend the Essence of God. Where the ever-widening circle of man's knowledge meets the spiritual world a Manifestation of God is sent to mirror forth His splendour.

    Divine Manifestations

    Is the Divine Manifestation, God?

    Yes, and yet not in Essence. A Divine Manifestation is as a mirror reflecting the light of the Sun. The light is the same and yet the mirror is not the Sun. All the Manifestations of God bring the same Light; they only differ in degree, not in reality. The Truth is one. The light is the same though the lamps may be different; we must look at the Light not at the Lamp. If we accept the Light in one, we must accept the Light in all; all agree, because all are the same. The teaching is ever the same, it is only the outward forms that change.

    The Manifestations of God are as the heavenly bodies. All have their appointed place and time of ascension, but the Light they give is the same. if one wishes to look for the sun rising, one does not look always at the same point because that point changes with the seasons. When one sees the sun rise further in the north one recognizes it, though it has risen at a different point.

    Notes of a conversation with 'Abdu'l-Bahá

    A COLOURED man from South Africa who was visiting 'Abdu'l-Bahá, said that even now no white people really cared very much for the black man.

    'Abdu'l-Bahá replies: Compare the present time and the feeling towards the coloured people now, with the state of feeling two or three hundred years ago, and see how much better it is at present. In a short time the relationship between the coloured and white people will still further improve, and bye and bye no difference will be felt between them. White doves and purple doves exist, but both kinds are doves.

    Bahá'u'lláh once compared the coloured people to the black pupil of the eye surrounded by the white. In this black pupil you see the reflection of that which is before it, and through it the light of the Spirit shines forth.

    In the sight of God colour makes no difference at all, He looks at the hearts of men. That which God desires from men is the heart. A black man with a good character is far superior to a white man with a character that is less good (and vice versa)."

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Abdu'l-Baha in London, p. 66)

    This was spoken in the early 1900s, just a few years before WWI

    God bless.

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    Muslims in general do NOT hate white people. Most Muslims living in the United States are no more predudiced than you or I. These kinds of websites do exist, and there are certainly SOME muslims who may hate white people. Just like there are SOME white people who hate Muslims. But you can't generalize opinions like this to an entire religious group or ethnic background. The overwhelming majority of American Muslims are open-minded, just like you.

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    Nation of Islam and others and the ISLAM we knew and followed for centuries ARE NOT the samething here. These are called Political groups. NOT RELIGION. They consider themselves Muslims JUST TO CONTRADICT with you, that is all. A TRUE MUSLIM was like Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali. Not Loius Farakhan or Micheal Jackson. I have "American Muslims", with names like Ahmed, and have no clue of Islam. I am sure if they study the Qur'an, they will find Islam, and not Polislam.

    DO NOT mix today's politics to Muslims and race. Islam is a religion that has all races, and nationalities. You will find Islam in every corner of the world, so how can Muslims hate a certain race?. If you travel to Mecca in the pilgrimage days you will notice people from every aspect of life there praying side by side, Blacks, Whites, Asians, poor, rich, blind, handicapped, (Not gays). You have Muslims in West to far East South Asia, even in Western China. Islam is NOT a religion of a few individuals who created their own philosophy. Muslim scholars and scientists were experts in math, medicine, science, technology in those days, before ANYONE ELSE had of it. Muslims had knowledge about the stars, even had names for it, in which today's austronauts explore. Muslims explored that LONG TIME AGO, and they didn't GO THERE, or flew a space craft, but it is on the Qur'an to study it. A proove that the Qur'an is not a man made philosophy, how could Muhammad who was illiterate and nomad knew about the stars, the mother's womb, how the oceans work, the mountains, EVERTHING on the planet of Earth?.. Well, he must get his information from a higher being.

    Specific questions?.. Don't hesitate to ask.

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    "Muslim", which some call "moslem" is not about race. Mohammedanism or Islam is a religious doctrine brought to the West by native Asians. There really is no Middle East. It is Asia - we are looking at when studying Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia: the Asian Continent which borders with Israel, which is a part of North Africa. This region is called "Middle East" because it is the crossroads to every world region- Europe, Africa and Asia. All major religions descended from this part of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. African Americans, unlike people of non African descent, have been extracted, mostly involuntarily, from their native culture and exposed to the doctrines of every other nation and culture through slavery in the West. The prisons of today largely host the spread of Islam to blacks who may be concentrated there due to distorted views of living based on ideologies that are not conducive to self-respect, love of family, and/or affinity for their oppressors (most of whom were white skinned, based on statistics and historical realities in the USA). Therefore, in the West, spreaders of Islam-(which started long after Judaism and Christianity began)- may have espoused the practice of "reverse racism" when offering these incarcerated (African American) people consolation and recourse to some measure of self elevation and pride in who they were. Christian evangelists could do the same thing in the prisons if it were not for the ku klux klan, skin heads and "Aryan" hate spreaders interfering in the affairs of the servants of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. All slavery, racism and hatred is wrong in the eyes of God.

    Source(s): Geography History of World Civilization articles about the spread of Islam in America Christian bible studies
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    well, there are lots of people in the world, some are good, some are bad, and everyone has the freedom to make a web page about anything they want. The muslims that keep the web page you visited are surely racist, but they are only expressing their particular opinion, most muslims are not like this.

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    You did the same thing that baker did. He said the white men are evil because a few of their forfathers (blame/shame/finger on samuel jackson) wiped other people out for more territory. Now you say, because one Muslum family meantions they have a foolish grudge, that all Muslims have the same. I am a Christian who hates Wal-Mart, so would it be logical to assume all Christians hate Wal-Mart?

    Maybe it is none of the bakers business, but was the Nazi attaack on Poland any of ours?

    And Natives generaly have nothing to do with Islam, but they are so spread out now and cought up in other cultures.

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    There is a group of African Americans who were formed during the racism against black in the US. So, they used to call the white people (Devil).

    When Malcom X, who was an important figure for this group, went to the middle east to perform his pilgrimage, he came back with totally different views about White people and got assassinated because of it.

    Here is what Islam taught us regarding racism:

    [49:13] O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant.

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    Oh I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Islam COMPLETELY denounces racism in every possible way. It was been written multiple times throughout the Quran, and all that say they have read it in Islamic literature either interpreted it wrong, read it from an ignorant source, or made it up from their own experience of narrow mind.

    There are, however some individual racist Muslims. I know, I have met them. But they will be the ones dealing with Allah in the end.

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    i would rather ask why this family hates white people not Muslims,I'm sure the family u r talkin of r not the best Muslims on this planet r they.the first Muslim,Mohammad had black freins and an Iranian Friend as well as Arab ones and never cared about their race.god has sent the quran for all humans including Americans and one Muslim isn't the spokesman of the whole religion.

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    Are you going to learn islam or muslim. I am a Muslim and i dont hate any. Islam never teaches hate. If you want to learn islam there is only two things you should look for

    The Holy Quran and the teaching of the prophet.

    Its vital to get the truth.


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