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Why do some pilots dont use reverse thrust during touchdown?

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  • Tony
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    The pilot will decide whether or not to use reverse thrust based upon factors such as runway length, aircraft weight, touchdown speed, company policy, runway surface, and so on.

  • Anonymous
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    I'd have to trust the pilot's responses here, because they're the one's deciding to use reverse thrust or not, but the most common reason I know of not to use reverse thrust is it burns a lot of fuel. Not so much in a turboprop, but any large jet with cascade or clamshell reversers needs substantial throttle application for the reversers to have much effect. I guess if you've got enough runway to slow down with just the brakes, it's that much more money in the company's pocket. Oh, and to whoever wrote that " it counts as an engine cycle, and brakes are cheap anyways..." doesn't know what he's talking about. Engine cycles are tracked the same as aircraft cycles, one per flight leg. And brakes are NOT cheap. $8000.00 and up to overhaul regional jet brakes alone.

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    Reverse thrust is not a necessary item on an aircraft. If it was, all would have it, and all do not.

    Pilots use reverse when it is neccesary, and don't use it when it is not. Besides stopping the plane fast, it creates a lot of wear and tear on the machinery.

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    They are used if required....if there is sufficient runway length...or the taxiway exit is at the end, or if a backtrack is required....then the thrust reversers may not necessarily be used.

    Using them is also counted as a engine cycle and therefore unnecessary use just increases costs....and brake pads are cheaper than engines

    Source(s): ATPL-H/FW
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  • 1 decade ago

    Some dont use reverse thrust because if the runway is long, then there is no point to stop earlier.

  • Mark
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    When the taxiway turnoff is far down the runway the pilot doesn't want to slow down early and take a long time getting there.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some pilots can slow the plane down on approach to where once they land all they have to do is cost to the end.

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