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humane society?

Our family (living in Los Angeles) will be spending time in New York during Christmas. But I have 2 cats I'm worried about. So where should I put them? Is the Pasadena Humane Society a good idea? I went on their website, but nowhere does it say "temporary shelters" or something. Tip please?

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    Do you have a way of leaving them home and having a friend or family member come take care of them? If so try that. Or maybe ask a neighbor to help out with promise of a small fee.

    If that doesn't work call your local vet clinics they house animals over the holidays but they do start to fill up fast so start calling soon. If they are full you can probably ask them for a location to take your cats for the time being that will be safe and temporary.

    As for the humane society that may or may not be a good idea as most of those are known for holding strays and animals for adoption, not holding for a family over the holidays.

    I wish you luck and have a great Christmas.

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    Humane societies wont board animals.

    If you don't have a friend that will check on them to make sure they have food, water,

    and a clean litterbox, look in the yellow pages for animal boarding facilities. Make sure you check them out closely. You want to see the area that the cats will be boarded in. Make sure you look at the condition of the other animals kept there, how clean they are, and how much room they will have. Ask

    if they will get attention, and if you can bring their favorite toys.

    If they say no to letting you look inside, find a different facility.

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    Last Christmas I went and spent time with my parents and couldn't find anyone to take care of my cat. So I had no other option but to put her down. I got another one once I got back.

    You can always do that as an option.

    Good luck

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    usually animal shelters don't allow for you to board your animal. they have enough with just taking care of the animals that are there to find homes.

    talk to your vet, sometimes they will board. but the best thing to do is to have a friend or neighbor come over once or twice daily to feed and water your cat and give it some love and attention.

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    The Humane Society is for giving up your pets permenantly. If you want them back you should find a vet who will house them for a fee or as others have suggested find a friend who will come and feed and clean up after them while you're gone.

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    When we went away we left the cats at home and had someone come in and check on them and their food. I find that the cats are very low maintenance so they weren't any problem while we were gone.

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    Do what we do: We ask our neighbor to watch our cats while we go on vacation, and they have no problem with it. Basically, ask a friend or a neighbor if they can watch your cats while you're in New York. Or, better yet, bring them with you!

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    Why dont you leave them at home and have a friend come and check on them...all they need to do is change the litter and make sure there is food and water

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    When we were on vacation one of the vet technicians from our vets clinic came twice a day to look in on ours, give insulin, etc. She charged $15 a day. It was a really win/win situation for us.

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    go here - there's tonnes of petsitting services in la.

    good luck!

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