Anyone know what happened to the Ryanair flights from Dublin to Porto?

I was hoping to fly from Dublin to Porto (Portugal) for a few days before Christmas but the flights don't seem to be available this year. Anyone know what the story is?

Or what's another good way to get to Porto from Dublin (by air).


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    dont fly tap. tap is way too expensive for the service they render. unless u can pay, off course.

    otherwise, search at . they have the cheapest flights to everywere..

    about Ryanair, i really dont know what happened. there's nothing in the local news.

    the only thing related is that it was supposed to begin those flights this month but aparentely they are having a dispute with portuguese flight control agency about the costs of creating a base office in Porto.

    hope i helped


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    I don't know what happened to Ryanair flights, but I can recommend TAP. They're not the best Airline, but they fly to Porto.

    You can also check flights in expedia.

    I am from Porto and I have some difficulty in finding flights to there.

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