Difference between tornado,hurricane,cyclone,typhoon?

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    These terms can be confusing because of how they are used. Technically, a cyclone (lower case) is ANY rotating low pressure system (rotating counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere, or clockwise in the southern hemisphere). Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones (note upper case) are the same thing but are termed by where they exist. The tropical cyclone is called a hurricane (if sustained winds are at least 65 knots) over the Atlantic basin and the eastern Pacific Ocean, while over the western Pacific it is called a Typhoon. The same type of system is called a Cyclone over the Indian Ocean area (one recently struck Bangladesh)

    A tornado is another type of cyclone that is born in thunderstorms. In some cases, tropical cyclones can produce many tornadoes if conditions are right.

    I hope this helped.

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    Cyclone Vs Tornado

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    Cyclone Vs Hurricane

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Difference between tornado,hurricane,cyclone,typhoon?

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    Yes I agree that these terms can be confusing. First off Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones are all the same.

    They all come in from the sea and are powered by the warm waters, this is the reason why we don't get them in the UK. Hurricanes are what English people call them. Typhoons are Japanese and Cyclones are the other Asians.

    Tornadoes are completely different they come when hot air and cool air meet and puncture a layer above and then a tornado starts to appear and come out of the clouds and hits the Earth

    Please don't get mixed up between these two they are like opposites to each other.

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      Tornado paragraph is just awful.

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    The fiendish spinning thingy is called a cyclone, named in the realm of science, by convention. A collection of these spinning thingy makes a tornado. Americans name em hurricane (hurricane is the whole event of tornado plus strong winds that could effortlessly uproot trees, destroy houses, put an end to human and animals' lives) but since it's less likely to hit Asian countries, they don't follow suit what Americans have dubbed. The prefer something that sounds Asian-like which makes it easier for them to say, for some reason, so they would call them typhoon (sounds Asian-ish right?). It goes the same for tsunami. But the English world are also interested in the Asian version so they also use it to refer to hurricanes whereby the by-product of borrowing the term is confusedment among many ppl. In case ur also intrigued, a whirlwind is a mini version of a cyclone. Happens oftentimes in the middle of the ocean, u can witness at yonder if you're lucky. It won't kill u from tht distance but may take it's toll on u when it grows into a giant monster.

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    A hurricane is generally a large swirling mass that is in the atlantic and pacific but not east pacific (they're typhoons there), a tornado is the same thing but on a much smaller scale and can be killed by water, where as hurricanes can live with the water and rain swirling. Aaand a cyclone is kind of a generic term for any kind of spiraling wind storm.

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    All three are the same. In the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean east of the International Dateline, a tropical storm with winds exceeding 75 mph is a hurricane. West of the International Dateline, it is a typhoon, and in the Indian Ocean, it is called a cyclone.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Hurricnes, Cyclones and Typhoons are the SAME thing. They are just called by different names in different parts f the world. Hurricanes: Atlantic and E. Pacific. Typhoons: W. Pacific. Cyclones: S Pacific and Indian Ocean and Bay of Bangel.

    Tornados are totally different. However, hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons can spawn tornados. However, tornados can't spawn hurricanes. Tornados happen over land when thunderstorm cells have rotation in them. Over land.

    Also, just so Blair Waldorf is aware and you too: in the E Pacaifc they are Hurricanes, its the W Pac. where they are typhoons :-)

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    A tornado and cyclone are generally the same thing. A hurricane generally has to do with water.

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