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Rock concerts gone bad...Whats the worst thing that's ever happened?

to you or anyone while at a concert?


WTF is up with the thumbs down?

Update 2:

Ya'll ROCK!!! Great stories everyone.

smeelola....I'm still giggling to myself.

Update 3:

Mine is the debacle called Altamont. I was 13 and begged to go. 3000 miles with my bro to see Santana and Jefferson Airplane(I had a crush on Grace) only to be disappointed. Couldn't see a damn thing, Marty Balin got knocked out by the Hell Angels who almost knocked out the rest of JA, The Grateful Dead wouldn't play, and the Stones made everyone wait till dark so they could make a grand entrance. I have only recently started talking about Altamont. I lost my innocence there, finding out after we got home all that really transpired. I have never watched the documentary, nor am I a Stones fan, tho my bro feels differently. It was a sad day for music, hippies, and the families who lost loved ones.

And thats all I got to say about that.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The worst thing I can think of is Dimebag's murder.

    Something that happend to me:

    I got into a fight at a Dark Tranquillity show. Some guy was trying to start fights with every couple that walked by him. He eventually made his way to me and my husband. He tried to elbow me in the face so I blocked him. He tried it again and this time my husband blocked him. We turned to leave and call security but the guy pushed my husband from behind. I can't handle someone trying to hurt my husband- so I lost it, I went nuts. I proceeded to grab the guy with my right hand and started choking him with my left. I had him by the throat and was strangling him. He turned pale, then pink, then red, then purple. He was trying to get my hand off his throat but couldn't since I had my nails dug into his neck. I tried to get his car keys to jab him in the eye but couldn't reach his pockets. The funny thing was he was looking at my husband as if pleading for help. My husband just shrugged his shoulders. It took 5 security guards to get me off him.

    A few minutes later the security came to talk to me and I thought they'd arrest me. They told me the guy was sitting in their office crying and saying I attacked him. But luckily some eyewitnesses stepped forward and told the security that he started the fight. I asked them to hold the guy until after the show or I'd run him over in the parking lot- they said they were keeping him overnight.The security was laughing at the guy for getting his *** kicked by a girl and I got to see the rest of the show.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Worst Shows

    #1Cheap Trick-Saxon-Krokus(All in one)

    Someone lit off a skyrocket during Cheap Trick's set, Robin Zander stopped the show and demanded that the person who did it come forward, no-one did, then he proceeded to tell us some story about a 10 year old little girl in Cleveland who lost and eye because someone did that very same thing.(Like a 10 year old would be at that show) After about ten painful minutes of silence, he then directed the people sitting next to the sky-rocket shooter, to kick that persons A**, then proceeded to play Surrender. (for the record, what dumba** promoter put that line-up together)

    #2 Tesla-Firehouse. Trout Air, open venue MN, It went from 150degrees in the shade to suddenly storm and tornado weather. Tesla Punked out, and bailed when the clouds rolled in. Firehouse, on the other hand, played in the rain. Not being a fan of Firehouse, I wished Tesla had the guts that Firehouse did. That day sucked.

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  • Rckets
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I have been fortunate in that I've never had anything bad happen to myself at a concert. And even if it did, it can't compare to several events that have transpired already.

    1. The Who - Cincinnati, OH - December 3, 1979 - Eleven fans trampled to death.

    2. Woodstock 1999 - An absolute embarrassment that was poorly planned. Again, it's hard to gripe about bad concert experiences when this fiasco had rapes, fires, poor sanitary conditions and riots.

    3. Great White - West Warrick, RI - February 20, 2003 - 100 people die due to the concert venue going up in flames, thanks to a mindless pyrotechnic stunt. This one is the worst of all.

    4. The death of Dimebag on stage.

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  • Smiley
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I got ripped off on some bogus blodder (acid) at a Rush / Max Webster concert in Toronto in 1976. Good thing my buddy's MDA was the real McCoy!

    Edit - Oh yeah, I did see Alice Cooper in Vancouver one time. He was so drunk he couldn't remember the lyrics, and fell over several times on stage. A half hour into the show they pulled the plug. We were given a partial refund a week or two later.

    I think it was the 'Flush the Fashion' tour.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    At a Hank Williams III concert during his metal set, I kept getting crushed into the stage. The people behind me were fighting, it all started out in good fun, but then someone got hit and got mad and started actually fighting. The guy beside me had blood all over his face, a beer bottle got thrown at the bass player. It was pretty much chaos, and I was loving it.

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  • Blunt
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    A Guns and Roses Concert about 12 years ago.

    The stadium was packed and Axel was extremely intoxicated. They played for about 15 minutes and left because he couldn't even sing he was so impaired. People were furious because they pay good money for their tickets and they hardly perfomed. People started tu burn stuff on the parking lot, there were several people injured and damaged property because people wanted a refund. A partial refund was issued.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The worse thing that has ever happened at a rock concert is when the crowd rushes to the front and people get trampled to death. People get high, or drunk or just have too much adrenaline and push and shove their way to get to the front; or make like a wave and it is too powerful and people get knocked down and then others walk on them. Anytime people get hurt or killed at any event it is the worst disaster!

    This has actually happened several times. It is the reason for no alcoholic beverages being allowed at most concerts now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    LOL! Damn! Reading some of these horror stories that happened to the *performers* is eye opening; proves that being on stage is NOT what it's always cracked up to be. They often have to put up w/ a lot of s.hit. (or deal w/ public embarrassment when *they* screw up)

    Anyway, I've never been to a show where it was Totally ruined, but I saw Paul McCartney in '02 & this drunk sitting near us kept yelling "FREEEEEDOOOM!!!!" every time Paul spoke between songs. Now, *I*, for one, wanna Hear Paul McCartney say what he's gotta say. Finally, 2 big, burly ushers walked up the stairs to 'talk' to him & he gave em this "What'd I do?" look. They calmly bodily lifted him & *carried* his drunk, struggling down & OUT!

    *applause from everyone sitting nearby! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Crowd surfer collasped on me. and every concert I go to, I get kicked in the head!

    But yeah, so I fell, but saw a flow on hands reach out to help me up. Everyone is generally nice<3

    Oh wait, actually. at Warped Tour, I was really hot and there was absolutely NO SHADE and I lost my friends, and I was sitting on the ground not able to get up. So my friends found me later after txting them that I was dying and they brought me to the shower tent, and I just stood under the water and felt better!

    The aftermath was horrible sunburn and blister bumpy things on my boobs. But they're gone now.. yeah.

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  • sylvia
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I got smashed once.

    I was onstage at a Mighty Mighty Bosstones show, dancing with Dickie, and decided to stage dive. I'm not very big, so the crowd caught me no problem (very, very fun experience, BTW).

    Apparently I was a trendsetter, because a very, very large (350 lb.+) man jumped on stage, got a running start and jumped. He landed on top of me (and I was still on top of the crowd!), and we both hit the floor. Hard.

    It hurt. A lot.

    Luckily, I didn't break anything, but I got all the wind knocked out of me, and I was pretty black and blue for several days from that one.

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