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What happened to our beloved basebal section?

I know several others are asking this, but i want to know alot of things...

1. Where did all of the regulars go?(such as triple crown, CAT, and several others)

2. Where are all the questions?(last question asked 2 hours ago)

3. What is with thumbs down, and calling each other out?(is this the baseball section, or the arguing section?)

4. Why is everyone going slowly way from baseball section, and starting to answer questions in other sections?(loyalty ruined?)

5. Last one, the baseball section used to have questions every 4 minutes, now it is every 2 hours!

We need to get people back interested with good questions, and answers, and for those of you who feel the need to give thumbs down on every question asked, please go somewhere else, and also that stands for people whose average answer is "baseball sucks, or baseball is gay, or a-rod should go **** himself"

Who agrees here with me, and all the others who have asked this?

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    I'm just plain fed up with certain people who take this board too seriously & report people for the crime of congratulating a team. I'm also fed up with how some people go through the extreme of hating people & calling ppl names b/c they like another team. They don't seem to like good sports in this section. That's why i rarely come here these days. I go to other sections where people are not as rude & want to fight over petty things. Also remember it's the Thanksgiving Day weekend & alot of ppl are just taking time off & the last thing they are thinking about is being on Y/A.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1- The season is over, they're still around but with the season over and a slowdown in questions, why come here so often. Football is in full swing, so is basketball and hockey.

    2- see above, seasons over, wait until winter meetings, spring training...

    3- thumbs down is okay if they answer is wrong or you just don't really like an answer. Back and forth comments okay, but ***** sessions should be kept to a minimum.

    4 - see 1 and 2. Seasons over...

    5- see 1, 2 and 4...

    ... shouldn't thumbs up or down every question, just the ones that you know are wrong or really think suck

    ... "baseball suck" people SUCK

    ... and A-Rod well he has eating some humble pie, a very expensive humble pie I would love to eat! It really should be Scott Boras sucks!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.Well they probably got fed up with all the son sense or have other thing in there life they have to do

    2.Well like many just don't come as much because the off season

    3.i hate when people do that lets just try to act like civilized people not 5 year old kids

    4.Well the baseball section is the first section i always go to but like there not always questions to be answers i go to another section

    5. Again let me repeat its the off season

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. I'm still here

    2. Season is over.....Christmas is coming

    3. Those are the people who just like to disagree with one of

    us....or argue cause they can

    4. Baseball is one of my favorite its football

    season (College n Pro)..Basketball..Nascar which is over

    as well, in general I like most sports.

    5. Trades, Spring Training n Free agents....won't be long n

    this place will be busy again.

    I agree with ya completely about those who are non-sports

    fans n are rude, obnoxious n vulgar...bad part, they R all

    over Answers. Nascar gets bad at times but Pro Football

    is horrible...I'll try Polls n Surveys instead to avoid all that

    crap. I try to show good sportsmanship with my answers

    & for some reason...there are times my answer will be

    deleted by the thumbs down crowd.

    On that note...Hurry up Baseball so we can have some fun

    together again....Nice talkin to all again =o] till spring....

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  • 1 decade ago

    I know this shouldn't matter if you're a die hard baseball fan, but it is the off-season. Your right, though, that people shouldn't be having these feuds in the baseball section. C'mon, WHERE'S THE LOVE!!!? I hate it when people just say hurtful comments on baseball for no reason. I mean if you have nothing important to say, don't say it. So ya I agree with you.

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  • Nicole
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you one hundred percent, this section is really starting to lose my interest and slowly I am staring to explore other sections. I used to be a regular in the basketball section, but there was way to much childish auguring, so I came over to the baseball section. I loved it so much, and now its turning into the same thing I was trying to avoid.

    During the seasons we all had some good discussions with each other, now that the seasons over our baseball section has gone to hell. Its sad!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dear mr baseball, i mean bcogehrig4. here are the answers to your questions. i do find it ironic that your questions comes a couple of days ago following some others of the same type.

    1. the regulars have all but left due to the idiocy that this forum supports in regularity. you yourself have contributed to this problem with your phony friends who are really you: dryankee30, matt c, bcogehrig4(all three of them), jimboy, unknown, togamaster, rob mcguire is not gay and how many others do you actually go by? YOUR behavior has contributed to their leaving.

    2. questions? since your tacky trivial has finally left us, and your phony profile questions of such depth and scope of intelligence by togamaster, jimboy and peter answers cuffington has actually spured on the other nitwit questions by the likes of doi, jeanc, drstinky, dork and diva whoever. i mean asking a question like: do i have to beat myself up while tagging third base? is not actually too intelligent. dont you think? again, you have contributed to those who might have or did ask good questions who left because of the idiocy. YOU got away with it, so they do too.

    3. thumbs down. people must not like your methods or your 37 phony friends or your bullying of otther answerers or giving yourself best answer.

    4. loyalty ruined. no one is loyal to stupidity. knock off the dumb stuff and maybe, theyll come back, but dont think they wont remember you and your previous actions. you really do need to apologize to the board for the fake profiles and spam of this board for months and for calling out other answerers. the calling out is called bullying. i see you dish it out pretty well but cannot take what you dish out. you have been a bully many times whether through yourself or your altar ego phony profiles. why would anyone what jimboy for an altar ego?

    5. why ask questions or answer questions if a phony profile is gonna get the best answer? you have again contributed to this problem by using your phony profiles to give yourself best answer. why ask 30 dumb trivia questions in a row? go play trivial pursuit baseball edition or something. i do not want to read that type of drivel.

    i find your asking all this a bit incredible. but then you are only 13. perhaps you can give togamaster or matt c or rob mcguire is not gay the best answer to this question. leopards do not change their spots.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.I'm right here LOL

    2.Baseball season's over there isn't much to talk about

    3.It's just how the world is these days...

    4.I'm not based in the baseball section, I'm also in the basketball/wrestling sections.

    5.See #2

    Source(s): I agree with you.
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  • 1 decade ago

    well the regulars are going away because of the obvious reason. they are tired of all the infantile nonsense that is happening.

    i have wondered about the questions going down too. maybe because it's the off season, or because it's thanksgiving break and lots of people are away. i am not sure.

    yes i must admit that i sometimes go to polls and surveys, but that is mostly because of the decline of questions being asked here.

    i totally agree. i hope we can restore the baseball section to what it used to be

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  • Sandi
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    1 decade ago

    Hey.............Thnx for thinking of me..........I had to give up my time on Y.A. because I found I was taking too much time away from my own chat site........I actually dismantled my Y.A. network completely.........A very good friend mentioned this post to me tonight and I wanted to give you a reason for my not being here..........My own chat site is still in it's infancy and I'm trying like heck to give it every chance to grow.......That's taking up the majority of my computer time along with the fact I'm big into research of all different kinds, especially collectibles...........The link for my chat site is in my profile if you would like to give it a look-see...........I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours and everyone here a GREAT holiday season.........Happy and healthy..........CAT

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