Can I play video games that are PC-DVD ROM?

I have a new MacBook and I am wondering if I bought a game that has the PC-DVD ROM label on it and it doesn't have the Mac symbol on it can I still play it? My guess would be no and I figure that would have all the Mac compatible games. However part of me thinks that there has to be more than 100 games or so that you can play on a Mac. So can I play these games and if not is there another place online that isn't that I can find computer games to play on my Mac?

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  • Icy M
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    1 decade ago
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    Nope. Aspyr has games too, but they're the exact same ones on You may want to check the Apple store in person, too. You'll need to install Windows (About $200) using Boot Camp and install the PC-DVD games while in Windows. This is only a good idea if you have one of these Macs:

    Mac Pro

    MacBook Pro

    Intel iMac Aluminum

    Intel iMac

    These are the only Macs that have graphics cards meant to run 3D. The MacBook will ONLY properly run 2D casual games. Macs nowadays are very nice for gaming. You just have to shell out that $200 for Windows, and you have to make sure you confine yourself to the iMac, or pay $2000 for MacBook Pro. The iMac right now is a great value.

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    Actually, you can. If you have a Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or Vista installation disk (full versions only), then you can use Apple's free BootCamp software to dual-boot with Windows and play any PC game.

    Well, if you have Tiger, you'll have to upgrade to Leopard to get BootCamp, as it's no longer available for download and is a feature of Leopard. If you just got your MacBook and it has Leopard, you're good to go. You just need a Windows disk.

    BootCamp runs Windows natively, not in emulation. Running Windows on a Mac is no different than running it on a PC. In most cases, it actually runs better on a Mac. My MacBook Pro scored higher in Windows Vista's User Experience Index than every single PC on the shelves at Best Buy, even the gaming machines.

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    No you can not play pc cd rom games on your mac, and

    yes one of the disadvantages is that there are less games to choose from than for a regular pc!

    Ps did you buy a betamax instead of a vhs back in the eighties?

  • Nick
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    You will need a PC emulator. There is a commercial product, I don't remember the title. That will allow you to emulate a PC and install Windows. You still need a legit copy of windows howevre/ Also, the newer Macs are Intel based, meaning you can install Windows directly onto your system and duel boot. However you may run into driver issues with this approach and driver issues will effect game play. Your best chance is a PC emulator. Check out the Mac fourms, I'm sure the users there know the name of it.

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    Would like to know this too

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    Tell your dad to buy a computer first,,,,,,,,

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    NO WAY !!! I have tried it.

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