do not you think so that absolute laws of the nature are changing .are these laws are absolute laws or not?

Newtons Laws are based on friction , and this friction changes everywhere(space variation)

so many laws are derived for the atmoshphere like pressure at a height varies with height ,desity of air

density of air is changing , hence air temperature / pressure is also changing with time and space both . also global warming affects the density of air , which varies with time .

do not you think so that all science laws are having a variable term , which is continously changing , then how can one say that nature follows the absolute laws everywhere

yes you right that when we do test in lab then only we will get results same all the times . but in actual practice it is not so .

please explain spiritually

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    Interesting question.

    Newton's laws only apply in narrow circumstances- they are not universal laws... in fact, there aren't any real universal laws in Physics. When we work within the limits that Newton dealt with in his lifetime, the laws he described worked perfectly. As our understanding of the universe grew, we saw that Newton's laws only describe the interaction of matter in simple circumstances, circumstances that don't exist in many parts of the universe.

    The mathematics involved in atmospheric science do have some constants- Boyle's law and the Ideal Gas Law aren't debated, and I've never heard of air density, itself infinitely variable, somehow 'changing'. It's always changing.

    No scientist says that nature's laws are universal. Even Einstein's predictions in terms of relativity, don't stand up to modern quantum theory- scientific law is a human creation, and is simply a way to help understand the world.

    How to explain that spiritually? The laws of science are the laws of man- subject to change upon deeper investigation. As our understanding of the universe increases, our understanding of natural laws will increase... some of the greatest scientific minds are already seeing what could be a guiding hand in some aspects of particle physics... which has led to a lot of religious questions in the field.

  • 1) you are confusing "laws" with "superficial regularities". Obviously the circumstance everywhere are not the same, yet behind the varying patterns there is one regular order.

    2) explain spiritually??? Is this an excuse to make it an R&S question? How is this a spiritual question?

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    And on the seventh day Dr Spiritscience PhD proclaimed that he hath a vision. ScienceGod spoke words of divine scienceness. And those words were

    "Ye I say unto those that probe the mysteries of the natural, hear verily that though the conditions will differ, knowest that thine understanding of systems be baseth on the empirical"

    And Dr Spiritsciences undergraduate apostles then truly understood the results from day six, and day five....

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    i think there are no absolute laws-at best something can happen again and again only if the circumstances dont change-as this universe is constantly changing and our understanding of it is constantly growing our view of what are laws will change---the only real absolute law might be i dont know-----just my thoughts-smile and enjoy the night

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    Spiritually?How can I explain spiritually that closed systems operate differently to open ones?

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