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what is aeroplan?

How can I get the mileage?


I've joined the aeroplan in Air Canada as I flied to Toronto and Vancouver before. This time I go to Singapore, can I buy another flight company ticket and add the mileage together? Is the aeroplan the same as the StarAlliance ?

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    I think that it may be aeroplane.

    A fixed-wing aircraft is a heavier-than-air craft where movement of the wings in relation to the aircraft is not used to generate lift. The term is used to distinguish from rotary-wing aircraft or ornithopters, where the movement of the wing surfaces relative to the aircraft generates lift. Fixed-wing aircraft are called airplanes in North America (the U.S. and Canada), and aeroplanes in Commonwealth countries and Ireland (excluding Canada). These terms are derived from Greek αέρας (aéras-) ("air") and -plane.

    Fixed-wing aircraft include a large range of craft from small training and recreational aircraft to large airliners and military cargo aircraft. Some aircraft use fixed wings to provide lift only part of the time and may or may not be referred to as fixed-wing.

    Fixed-wing aircraft include a long narrow often cylindrical form (called a fuselage) and wings and aircraft engines and Landing gear.


    1910: 106 千米/小時,flier:Leon Morane,France,Bleriot XI

    1913: 204 千米/小時,flier:Maurice Prevost, France, Deperdussin

    1923: 417 千米/小時,flier:Harold J.Brow, America, Curtiss R2C-1

    1934: 709 千米/小時,flier:Francesco Agello, Italy, Macchi MC.72 (seaplane,此項紀錄保持至今)

    1939: 755 千米/小時,flier:Fritz Wendel, Germany, 梅塞施米特 Me 209 V1

    1941: 1004 千米/小時,flier:Heinrich Dittmar, Germany, 梅塞施米特 Me 163 (fighter plane)

    1947: 1127 千米/小時,flier:Charles "Chuck" Yeager,America, Bell X-1

    1951: 2028 千米/小時,flier:Bill Bridgeman, America, 道格拉斯 Skyrocket

    1956: 3058 千米/小時,flier:Frank Everest, America, Bell 52 X-2 (rocket)

    1961: 5798 千米/小時,flier:Robert White, America, 北美航空,X-15 (rocket)

    1965: 3750 千米/小時,flier:W.Daniel, America, 洛克希德 SR-71 黑鳥 (jet plane)

    1966: 7214 千米/小時,flier:William Joseph Knight, America, 北美航空 X-15 (rocket)

    2004: 7700 千米/小時,no flier,America, Boeing X-43A (jet plane)

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    Aeroplan is the Mileage Club of Air Canada, this allow you to collect and redeem mileage on any Air Canada flights and collect mileage points when using services that are in partnership with Aeroplan...

    As Air Canada is part of the Star Alliance, this opportunity allows Aeroplan to collect and redeem mileage on any Star Alliance flight (providing the sub-class you booked on allow you to collect mileage)...

    So basically, if you are planning to fly to Singapore from Canada... You can book on any Star Alliance airlines flight from Canada to Singapore... And as long as your booking class allow you to collect mileage, you can collect your mileage with no problem... To do so, just present you Aeroplan card when you check-in OR you can provide the airlines you Aeroplan membership number when you book at the first place...

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    aeroplan is the mileage programme of Aircanada. See www.aircanada.com

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