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wife had affair

If you have found out your wife had sex with another man (one time only), but later on your wife feel regrets and sorry for what she did.

your wife didn't know you have discovered her affair.

you still love her very much.

would you forgive her? if so, how do you adjust yourself to accept her?

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    You still call her 『WIFE』, you love her already. Sometimes, man or woman also had sexcapade, in right time right place and right partner, it will happen. It's a sex-relationship only. So, can forgive and accept her in your mind. of course you may adjust and analyse self; Some thing like that: If i did it better she will not....; You must try forget from your mind for more happyness. Looking forward! OK!


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    If you still love her, you should forgive what she did if she admitted it.

    If she denies it, it means she is not really shameful for what she has done. So you should not forgive her.

    It is easy, just put yourself in her shoe, and you will understand how she feels and what you should do.

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