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    Several social factors lead to occurrences of child abuse and child neglect. These include parents being dismissed in their jobs due to the decline in economy, which results in financial adversity in the family (or, making it difficult for the family to make ends meet).

    These incidents of child abuse and child neglect happen as result of parents being under pressure of all kind, struck by emotional stress and/or helpless in providing their children the care and living necessities they require. In extreme cases, parents may even take their children's life with them.

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    不知對不對:Many social factors create the maltreatment, neglect child's event

    occurrence, some many parents because the economy not booming are

    compelled to be unemployed, create the home economics to be exhausted,

    the life difficulty

    Under the multiple pressure, the mood puzzle, the belt child is

    committing suicide, beats the family member child, or has not been

    able to provide the child to have the attendance and the life demand

    and so on many social factors creates the maltreatment, neglects

    child's event occurrence

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