Which Presidential-Elect Candidates are you most Interested in and Why?

We know the platforms (or flips flops) of each "popular" candidate; but are there any among them that you question or don't know that much about?

The reason I ask is to possibly start a blog putting an average-american's un-biased opinion for each of the candidates; this is the first election I will be able to vote in and I have not confirmed a Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Conservative stance. I want to know what is most interesting to everyone else and YOUR points of view.

Thank you Yahoo Users!


p.s. I'm already not a fan of Clinton for her financial/personal/unsound "green" solutions... I like Romney, but everything seems too good to be true, and Obama is SOOO Mr. Chips goes to Washington. His numbers don't add up worse than Clinton's with budget plans.

Update 2:

Oh gosh, Diane B., you caught me on a minor defintion; thank you, I'm glad you got two points for not even answering my question. I could probably run political circles around you, but again, thank your for pointing out my error. I will be more careful in the future. iiIii

Update 3:

Oh crap... it posted my question twice... sorry guys.

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    1 decade ago
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    Follow Diane's well informed and appropriate advice.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am independent...meaning I vote for whatever person I think has the best strategy for handling the affairs of this country. After looking at all the folks' platforms I believe that Ron Paul of the republican party is the best choice for america. His heath care, social security plans, and economic plans in general suggest a good future. I would also agree with his social stances...unlike the other republican canidates he isN'T selling out by saying "personally I think abortion is bad but I won't enforce that on the country". He sticks to his beliefs as a platform, so he is more likely to act properly on them (not a haphazard job)

    As to the democratic party, they're behavior and poor tactics in attempting to win the primaries are dispicable. None of them are fit to run anything more than a lemonade stand let alone a country. Them bickering swaubs.

    Source(s): The post previous to mine is correct the primaries have yet to happen then Nov. of 2008 will the presidential election occur just in case you didn't know
  • 1 decade ago

    Kucinich, hes a president that will clean up americas mess, you thought clinton was cool, kucinich is even cooler, hes a president for the poor and middle class families, not for the rich, like obama, clinton, and everyone else, why ote for them, that would only benifit the 5 percent who are rich, dont let the media choose your president, thats why you americans oted for bush, the worst president in the histrory, so remember americanns donnt judge a person by their words because they can be lies, judge by the character and actions, but you amercians may have voted for bush, because hes character was cool, but he is arrogant and talks to peole like they dont know ****, and hes always right. vote kucinich if you want america to start using americas money, the taxes you pay, for america, not iraq, iran, f that **** and mitt romney, repuublicans use taxpayers money more than democrats, you know bombs are expensive, but most democrats actually use the money here in america, and steve m you know your supposed to listen to your heart, so go blog somewhere youu ooted for bush didnt you, yes you didnt see that he was ignorant like i did, or did you vote for him because his father was president, anyways whoever voted for bush, just dont give your opinions on this subject, you voted for the worst pres ever., and think you contributed to the deaths of millions of iraqi civilians, afghanistanians and american soldiers, and the biggest economy meltdown since the great deppression, the dollar is now less valueable than the canadian, that meanns your money is worth, 25% less than what it was befoore u voted reublican and your worried about taxes,wheres yoour logic, when you think, thjink, dont just speak, thats what seperate the great from the average

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    1 decade ago

    Just remember to vote with your head and not to vote for the candidate who pulls at your heart strings the most. If someone says something that interests you, think it through to the point where you think it is feasible and good for the country. Don't necessarily vote for whoever just makes your heart "feel" good because it may not be good for the country in the long run. That's why I vote Republican. Good luck and congratulations on your first vote.

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    1 decade ago

    Ron Paul, he is one of the few candidates providing any real clarity on our foreign policy and domestic issues.. Unlike other candidates whose stances seem to change from week to week, Paul's record is actually consistent. He is a strong advocate of a non-interventionist foreign policy where we trade and negotiate with countries,.. instead of fighting wars under false pretenses where we put our economy in financial risk and the lives of our troops in jeopardy.. To find out more about his positions on other issues, please see the list I posted below. In addition to Paul's strong anti-war/less government stance, he accepts no money from lobbyists, corporations and interest groups.. He is man of integrity.. which is rarity in Washington.. Paul offers real solutions, instead of just typical political rhetoric.. He truly has the best interest at heart for the average American, not just the elite..

    A brief overview of his record:

    He voted against the Iraq war.

    He has never voted to raise taxes.

    He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

    He has never voted to raise congressional pay.

    He has never taken a government-paid junket.

    He is a strong advocate of free trade.

    He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

    He voted against the Patriot Act.

    He opposes invading Iran.

    He opposes amnesty for illegals.

    He will drastically reduce the debt the United States is in, by reducing government spending.. taking the burden off taxpayers.

    He voted NO to the amendment banning gay marriages.

    He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

    He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.


  • 1 decade ago

    McCain has knowledge about foreign affairs and Romney makes sense when he talks, so I will focus on them. The Dems don't have a chance.

  • 1 decade ago

    First of all I believe in

    1) not raising taxes

    2) no abortion

    3) yes for abuse from prisoners of war


    well that eliminates all democratic canidates and Guliani


  • 1 decade ago

    to begin with none of these candidates are presendent elect -- president elect is the name given to the person who wins the election in November until he becomes president in January and is sworn in.

    You probably had best brush up on your politics before you start a blog.

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