before drinking alcohol? best way to prepare?

Well tomorrow night is my friends 21st birthday and we are going to a friend of mines house to celebrate, its going to be a large party, and there will be a lot of alcohol. I'm not a very heavy drinker, i only weigh 150 pounds, am very slender, and can't (and don't) drink that much. For the most part i like to have 5 or 6 beers throughout the whole night, but rarely do i ever feel completely good while drinking, almost always do i become nauseaus and my stomach starts aching. so i was just wondering what a good way to prepare for a night of drinking would be? would drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated throughout the day before drinking help? what kind of foods would be the best to eat throughout the day so i'm in my best condition to drink at night? just any advice will work, thank you for your time.

Bob Seesk

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    Eat beforehand........drink and have snacks......drink some water too...or just don't drink....that is an option too you know. It's cool if you don't like it.

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    I saw on i believe dateline or 60 minutes a few years back that eating steak absorbs some of the drinking effects. personally experience is eat a heavy meal before drinking with lots of water. Reason why people get drunk is because of the alcohol dehydrates them. So keep some Pedialyte around and drink that when u start to feel drunk so you would rehydrate and still be cool.

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    eat a big meal and drink plenty of non alcoholic drinks before you get there you'll be full and not want anything for awhile. if you do drink stay active at the party don't set down for long periods of time. do stupid stuff jump around act dumb on the dance floor people will think you are drinking and you may not have had a drink all night long. make a mixed drink but don't put alcohol in it

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    Drinking lots of water won't do much to help. Just drink normal amounts of liquids. Eat plain foods, keep in mind that anything that you eat, might make the return trip, nothing spicy, wear a football helmet, just in case you power dive off a bar stool, just kidding about that part. Remember this, you are in charge of how much you drink, just stop when you feel you have had enough.

    Source(s): I drank to excess lots of time in my youth, missed out on some great times because of it. I eventually got the message.
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    Since alcohol dehydrates you, ensure you drink one glass of water for every one or two drinks. Don't drink on an empty stomach, so try to have a light meal beforehand or eat some snacks while drinking. Dark liquors, wines and beers will give you a worse hangover, while light liquors, wines and beers will reduce your chances of getting a severe hangover. Clear liquors like vodka or Everclear will almost never give you a hangover.

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    There IS no way to prepare to drink too much. Regardless of what you eat or drink beforehand, if you consume more than your body can tolerate, you're going to pay the price. Unless you're fond of vomiting and hangovers, cut back on the liquor. There's nothing wrong with NOT getting drunk.

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    beer before liquor you'll never be sicker


    don't eat immediately before you'll throw up but eat in advance


    if you want to get drunk then don't eat really early on


    if you dont' make sure you've eaten during the day


    keep one of those stomach things around liek zantac..

    goodluck =]

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    drink alot of water what makes you sick is dehydration. A buddy of mine would drink 2 gallons of water before tying one on. Also stick with starches:pasta n such n you'll do alright

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    Drink one glass of water for each drink.

    It's OK not to drink your self stupid

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    dont eat a lot before you eat. Still eat, but dont over eat.

    If you really feel like your not comfortable drinking, then DONT.

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