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Land for sale?

I would love to build a home on my own land, but I am havng trouble finding land for sale. As I drive by I see empty lots in nice neighborhoods but no for sale signs. Is there any way I can purchase land for my home from the county or state where I live....or can I only buy land that is strictly for sale at this moment? I see homes that are along back roads and think that this would be the perfect area, there is plenty of land around but how do you go about purchasing it?

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    I would work with an agent.

    There are hundreds/thousands of lots that are buildable, but not for active sale. This doesn't means that you can't buy them. You need to ask the owner

    That's a "problem" for you. However, if you find a nice empty lot in an area you want to live, you can research the public tax records. Or ask the neighbors on each side of the lot. It's a good bet that one of them may own the lot or at least know how owns it.

    If there is a HOA, they should have a record of it.

    Just because there is land, doesn't mean that it's buildable. It may be zoned for large acreage or it will not perk (for septic), or it's in a protected area.

    I would really work with an agent on these types of land.

    In the DC metro area, lots are very hard to get, but there are thousands. We find the lot, contract with the owners and then try to sell the lot with a new home before we have to settle the lot; then we assign the contract to the new buyer and build the home. Save money for all. Good luck.

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    There's a lot of empty land owned by cities, counties, states, federal government and private owners, but not all of it for sale.

    The best way is to contact a local Realtor (and it doesn't cost you anything to have a Realtor work for you, when you are a buyer.)

    A Realtor will go on MLS and find land, which is for sale and take you to see it.

    It doesn't make sense in driving around and wasting your time, when a Realtor can find every single plot for sale in your area on MLS (it would take me 10 minutes to do it in my area.)

    Just call a local reputable real estate company and tell them you are interested in buying land. They'll be happy to help you.

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    In my town, you'd buy an older smaller house (thats falling apart, and on a large lot, if you're lucky,) and knock the house down and put up whatever you want.

    Realtors often sell land, they'd be a good place to start.

    If you know which neighborhood you are interested in, you can ask the neighbors who owns the piece you are interested in. or go to the tax assessor and tell them the address and they can tell you who owns it.

    Good Luck!

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    you could go to the local town tax department and look at the tax maps to see who owns the land and contact them and make a offer. I would suggest that you find a local realestate agent in the are that your interested in, they have listings.

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