What music do 13 year old girls listen to?

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I need to burn a CD, with all of those songs that 13 year olds like. Its for my Daughters B-day party. Normally I would ask her, but its a surprise!
Update : she pretty much like hip-hop and rock, and punk... but she dosnt like ...show more
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fall out boy - thanks for the memories OR dance dance OR This ain't a scene
kiss chasey - this bed
skillet - whispers in the dark
muse - starlight OR plug in baby OR uno
billy talent - river below OR fallen leaves
paramore - misery business OR crushcrushcrush
anberlin - A day late friend OR paperthin hymm
30 seconds to mars - attack OR the kill
taking back sunday - makedamnsure
boys like girls - 5 minutes to midnight OR heroin OR the great escape
AFI - miss murder
bless the fall - boys like you make us look bad
alesana - ambrosia OR this conversation is over
good charlotte - The lifestyles of the rich and famous OR I don't wanna be in love
The used - the bird and the worm
senses fail - bloody romance
breaking benjamin - follow me OR the diary of jane
kill hannah - lips like morphine
lit - my own worst enemy
hawthorne heights - ohio is for lovers
hellogoodbye - here in your arms OR dear jamie
rise against - the good left undone
red jumpsuit apparatus - face down
new found glory - my friends over you
oasis - wonderwall
saosin - voices OR plays pretty for baby
dashboard confessional - stolen OR vindicated
blink 182
plus 44 - when your heart stops beating
motion city soundtrack - the future freaks me out
rasmus - in the shadows
relient K - be my escape
maroon 5 - wake up call
all time low - coffeeshop OR breakout! breakout!
Amber pacific -
finch - letters to you
hit the lights - until we get caught
escape the fate - sympathy for the dead
jimmy eat world - big casino OR pain OR middle
bullet for my valentine - room 409 OR tears don't fall
static X
lost prophets - rooftop
count the stars - taking it all back
the starting line - best of me OR island
finger eleven - paralyzer
3 doors down
from first to last
cute is what we aim for - curse of curves
Yellowcard- Way away OR ocean avenue
matchbook romance - promise OR monsters
something corporate
death cab for cutie
my chemical romance - helena OR the black parade
a funeral for a friend
silverstein - smile in your sleep OR if you could see into my soul
sum 41 - still waiting OR the hell song
three days grace - riot OR I hate everything about you OR animal I have become
hawk nelson - all the things we go through OR the one thing I have left
cartel - honesty
RED - breathe into me
matchbox 20 - how far we've come.

stuff like that! lol

kanye west - good life OR gold digger OR stronger
50 cent - ayo technology
Baby Bash ft t-pain - cyclone
Chris Brown - kiss kiss
sean Kingston - Take you there
One republic - Apologize
Alicia Keys - no one
Soulja boy - crank dat
Timbaland - the way i are
J. holiday - bed

I don't feel like typing anymore. lol. I hope these will work! If she doesn't know these songs, trust me, she'll love them!

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  • dancelikeumeanit30 answered 7 years ago
    I think that's a GREAT idea. I'm 13 as well and i know I'd love to get burnt CD's for my birthday! Everyone has different tastes in music, but here's a bunch of my favorite bands...
    the frey, A Chnge Of Pace, Staind, The Cars, Southcott(We'll Take This Outside) Fergie, BOYS LIKE GIRLS!, Cascada, nickelback, Augustana, CREED, Martina McBride, SUGARLAND, Joe Nichols, Albert Hammond Jr , Evanescence, rascal flatts, all american rejects, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, faithe hill, Akon, mariah carey, mims, Heartland, josh grobin, AC/DC, Hinder, aerosmith, billy joel, Alana Grace, carrie underwood, Heartland, Thousand Foot Krutch , goo goo dolls, Eminem, R Kelly, Natasha Bedingfield, Keith Urban, Mandy Moore...

    If you lookin spacificly for some songs, heres a few of my favorites as well...

    Geeks got the girl - American Hi-Fi
    Promise - Simple Plan
    When Your Gone - Avril Lavigne
    Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
    Good Life Feat - TPain
    Zero - Hawk Nelson
    Over It - Katherine McPhee
    Thunder - Boys Like Girls
    The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
    Crazy - Simple Plan
    I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan

    Hope I was able to help. Good luck with her peasant!
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  • blondiie answered 7 years ago
    heres my perosnal playlist

    Move along by the all american rejects
    The great escape by boys like girls
    A little less 16 candles by fall out boy
    Dance Dance by fall out boy
    Dance floor anthem by good charlotte
    makes me wonder by maroon 5
    this love by maroon 5
    monster by meg and dia
    sexy back by justin timberlake
    young folks by peter bjorn and John
    Stronger by Kanye west
    cant stop by the red hot chili peppers
    Charlie by the red hot chili peppers
    tell me baby by the red hot chili pepeprs
    Give it to me by timbaland
    the way i are by timbaland
    blister in the sun by violent femmes
    apologize by timbaland
    tatoo by jordin sparks
    that new song by blake lewis
    our song by taylor swift
    since u been gone by kelly clarkson
    crank that by soulja boy
    glamourous by fergie


    my music choices arent really popular- ie they dont top the charts or anything.. check out billboard online or any music chart thing for more ideas..
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  • bronty y answered 7 years ago
    fall out boy-dance dance, sugar we're going down
    my chemical romance-welcome to the black parade
    the used-all that ive got
    alesana-pretty in blue
    hawthorne heights-saying sorry
    blessthefall-higinia(i love this one to death), guys like you make us look bad
    i really hoped it helped
    take it from a 13 year old^^
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  • 321 answered 7 years ago
    1. Misery Business

    Fall Out Boy:
    1. Thnks fr th Memories
    2. Dance, Dance

    Panic! at the Disco:
    1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies

    Plain white ts:
    1.hey there delilah
    2.lonely spetember


    good luckon the cd:)hope this helps!
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  • StingRae (free hugs) answered 7 years ago
    It varies, I listened to heavy metal when I was 13.
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  • MCRmy soldier answered 7 years ago
    It all depends on what she likes (MCR happens to be my favorite but im not her so idk)

    My Chemical Romance- Helena, famous last words, teenagers, pretty much anything by them... if she doesnt like harder rock then the Black Parade CD would be good and maybe the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge CD the not that hard rock songs off there are Im not ok, Helena, Ghost of you, You know what they do to guys like us in prison, and its not a fashion statement its a deathwish

    Taking back sunday- anything by them also newer stuff from the louder now CD

    The Used- lies for the liars CD and taste of ink

    Linkin Park maybe- hybrid theory CD or Meteora CD

    I like HIM but im 15 Dark Light CD is good

    Bowling for Soup-ice cream and a hug

    Saosin-Voices and Your not alone

    Julien K


    Maroon 5 (personally i dont like them but watever)

    Fall out boy (dont like them either)

    Panic at the disco

    ok you can try Three days grace but they are a little harder rock that what she is problably listening to i like their One X CD but their self title album is good too

    escape the fate

    bless the fall again a little harder rock but i love them

    Paramore is really good

    Sum 41

    Good Charlotte

    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


    Plain White Tees (I only like one of their songs and that is Hey there delilah)

    Green Day (personally i like their older stuff but watever When December ends is a pretty good song)

    Family Force 5


    Boys like girls

    Gym Class Heros

    But she could listen to bands like
    -The beatles
    -Led Zepplin
    -Pink Floyd
    -The Beach Boys
    -The Beastie Boys

    Here are some bands i dont like but you can still try them
    -Black eyed Peas
    -Kane West

    by the way happy birthday to your daughter and whatever you pick im sure shell like it.... so shes a teenager now huh? wow even though it was only two years 13 feels like it was such a long time ago....


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  • Its Me! answered 7 years ago
    Fall Out Boy - The Take Over, the Break's Over, Dance Dance
    Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls, Me Love
    Cute Is What We Aim For - Theres a Class For This
    Panic! At the Disco - I Write Sins not Tagedies, But Its Better if You Do
    Paramore - Misery Business, Crushcrush
    Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright
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  • Hirako answered 7 years ago
    Depends on the girl but I think most of them hear "techno" that I wouldn't consider as music
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  • Montag answered 7 years ago
    It's usually either pop, hip hop, or modern rock. If she watches American Idol, it's probably pop, and the songs she'd like probably would be by former contestants of the show. If not, I'm stumped. I don't listen to that stuff anyway.
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  • Izaak answered 7 years ago
    Cheesy corporate emo pop punk.
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  • WTP answered 7 years ago
    Listen to the radio, like KROQ or KIISFM. And although I'm not too big of a fan of rap, that's something you need in a party to get it going.
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  • ? answered 7 years ago
    i think you should ask one of her friends who knows her really well, because that REALLY depends on the person.
    i'm around that age, and i like stuff like Nirvana and The Beatles but there are people who love top 40/rap so it's hard to know.
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  • Ben's Mango ^.^ answered 7 years ago
    Well, when I was 13 (less than a month ago), I listened to Linkin Park, Metallica, Immortal Technique...
    I'm not sure if most 13 year old girls like that though. I'm a bit of a rocker/rebel.
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  • DaFuk!N!s.Hit answered 7 years ago
    girl ok im 11 years old but my sis is 13 so hold on let me ask her ok......................................... she said what kinda music hold on......................................... its r&b checkout
    1no one
    2let it go
    3kitty kat
    6upgrade u
    7kiss kiss
    8get it shawty

    sorry she cant think of more songs well tell your daughter i said happy birthday and only cuz its her b-day im gonna make your question an intresting one ok heres a side ways clown k
    *<):o) ha ha ha ha h aha ha ha

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  • rainbow girl answered 7 years ago
    Kanye West
    Jennifer Lopez
    Nelly Furtado
    Justin Timberlake
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  • hannahxbanana11 answered 7 years ago
    my playlist
    Fall out boy- im like a lawyer
    paramore-misery buisness
    natasha benningfield/sean kingston- love like this
    brittney spears-gimme more
    chris brown-kiss kiss
    one republic/timbland-apologize
    Kayne West-Stronger
    soulja boy-crank that
    justin timberlake-love stoned
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  • shellbeyo answered 7 years ago
    1.AFI- Miss Murder, Prelude 12/21, and Love Like Winter
    2.The Academy Is...- Slow Down and Classifieds
    3.Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance
    4.My Chemical Romance- Teenagers, Helena, and Welcome To The Black Parade
    5.Soulja Boy- Crank That
    6.Jonas Brothers- S.O.S.
    7.Panic! At The Disco - Time To Dance and Camisado
    8.Paramore- Emergency, Crushcrushcrush, and Misery Business
    8.Alicia Keys- No One
    9.Timbaland and One Republic- Apologize
    10.+44- When Your Heart Stops Beating
    11.Blink 182- First Date and I Miss You
    12.Depeche Mode- Martyr
    13.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Face Down, Your Guardian Angel, and False Pretense
    14.Angels and Airwaves- Everything's Magic
    15.30 Seconds To Mars- The Kill and From Yesterday
    16.The Hush Sound- Wine Red
    17.Cute Is What We Aim For- Curse of Curves and There's A Class For This
    18.Rhianna- Shut Up And Drive
    19.Cobra Starship- Bring It, Church of Hot Addiction, and The Ballad of Big Poppa And Diamond Girl
    20.Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    21.Good Charlotte- I Don't Wanna Be In Love
    22.Shiny Toy Guns- You Are The One, Le Disko, and Shaken
    23.Green Day- Minority
    24.Metro Station- Shake It
    25.Blaqk Audio- Stiff Kittens and Semiotic Love
    26.Smashing Pumpkins- Tonight, Tonight and 1979
    27.The Used- I Caught Fire and Pretty Handsome Awkward
    28.The Sounds- Song With a Mission and Seven Days A Week
    29.Boys Like Girls- The Great Escape
    30.MIMS- This Is Why I'm Hot, Like This
    31.DJ Khaled- We Takin' Over
    32.Fat Joe- Make It Rain
    33.The White Stripes- Icky Thump and Seven Nation Army
    34.Hot Hot Heat- Goodnight Goodnight
    35.The Offspring- Pretty Fly For A White Guy
    36.Chris Brown- Kiss Kiss and Wall to Wall
    37.Amy Winehouse- Rehab
    38.Weezer- Buddy Holly and Beverly Hills
    39.Feist- 1234
    40.Tegan and Sara- Back In Your Head
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  • danabanana answered 7 years ago
    Put stuff from young artists like ashley tisdale who is sharpay in High school musical,miley cyrus(hannah montana),vanessa anne hudgens who is gabriella in high school musical, and many high school musical songs. many 13 year old and young teens like jesse mccartney-the jonas brothers-avril lavigne.....but it mostly depends on what your daughter likes to listen to....you just put a little of eveything. even Fergalicous by fergie is cute =)


    here's a link that says teenager music, but u have to buy a whole album or download songs you think are nice because you can listens to samples...

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  • (: answered 7 years ago
    Well I'm about that age too, but if she's anything like me then she listens to people like....
    gwen stefani
    justin timberlake
    ashley tisdale
    chris brown
    kayne west
    soulja boy


    I had to open up my iTunes for this.... lol.
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  • lol answered 7 years ago
    lezbian emo music......lol
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