Samckdown vs. RAW 2008 again lol?

Logan P, thanks for help on the last one bro, maybe you know the answer for this one, how do you in the Last Man Standing match I have gotten Edge all in RED and the Ref doesn't count, am I doing somthing wrong?


I already did a finisher 6 times and have hit him with chairs,table,sledgehammer, etc..., nothing seems to work. U know the only part im nto liking abt this game is the fact that they dnt tell u how to do stuff like in the other ones, u know if u had a tables match they told u how to do it before the match on a loading screen.

Update 2:

If anyone runs into this problem I figured it out, idk if it is true for everybody but if you are using Shawn Michaels u have to use his sweet chin music that doesnt pin the opponent use the one that knocks him on his face.

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    Try doing your finisher, and see if the ref counts.

    Or hit him with a chair or something.

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