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Does anyone know of a professional translation service I could use at my workplace?

I have legal documents showing insurance requirements for commercial mortgages that need to be translated on a daily basis from French, German etc into English. Does anyone know of any reputable companies that provide such a service?


I work for a large corporation that specialises in servicing commercial mortgages. I work in the insurance department and I was recently given the responsibility of the European side of our business. I will need to have the insurance section (usually 5 pages) of at least 5 loan agreements translated per day by a professional, as we need the translation to be perfect. It will need to be done by a business for legal reasons just in case we ever had to file a suit against them for misinterpretation of a loan agreement. I can't use students or anything like that, as was already suggested, as this is not legally sound. I need this done professionally. I am based in Ireland, but I work with loans spread all across Europe. Does anyone know of any businesses that offer a service like this?

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    I understand the importance of having a professional translate your documents. Working for a leader in the health insurance industry we as well need this professional service. I would recommend checking with a company by the name of Language Line. --You may want to check out their website tomorrow as it looks like their server may be done. May be because of the holiday.

    Language Line provides translations in over 170 languages. We have had a long lasting business relationship with this company and have seen no problems. Good luck and hope this helps.

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    It all depends on where you are located.

    I would check with local colleges for students that fluent in English and the other languages that you require. Might be less expensive to hire a "starving college student" than a professional service.

    You might also check with your local phone book for translation service.

    We ended up hiring our OWN "in-house" bi-lingual CSR for this type of work.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

    Source(s): Insurance agent for 25+ years
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