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Does anyone else get sick just ?

seeing hillary or nancy pelosi

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    I haven't seen enough of Nancy Pelosi on tv yet, so she hasn't affected me so deeply. Outwardly, she seems normal. Obviously, appearances can be deceiving.

    Hillary reminds me of the Angela Landsbury character in the original Manchurian Candidate movie: cold, heartless, calculating, power mad.

    I get a lot sicker seeing Michael Moore, Harry Reid, George Soros, or having to listen to the insane ravings of George Clooney, Shawn Penn, or Harry Belafonte talk. I just want to throttle those idiots.

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    some times.

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    Nope, I love seeing them be who they are. I wish they would do more of it. Nothing helps the Conservative movement more then having those two socialists get out in public more and speak often!

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    While the two of them are pathetic, they could also be two of the best reasons never to vote Democratic. Every itme one of them shoots their mouth off, they help the Republican party.

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    Each person on earth is a vital part of our future.

    Let everyone exist, without interruption.


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    I don't see why its gotten to this point, don't agree with them, don't vote for them, that's all, but why do we have to hate them personally?

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    The eyes! o.o the "I'm going to eat your brains" eyes. *shudder*

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    go hilary!!!

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