run access application on client PC with no ms access installed?

I'm developing a VB program with Ms. Access as the backend database. My concern is whether the client is still able to run the program, where the client has no Ms. Access installed on their PC. Is there a way to work this out? Or do i need to use another type of database. Thank you so much in advance.


Well thx a lot to Colinc... but my situation is, i have to provide a local database for the application, it is not an option for me. The application needs to allow user to perform transaction even without connecting to the Internet. Maybe u guys know any good website that provides such tutorial or explanation, plz let me noe. Thank u very much.

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    Access requires the installation of Access on every client. It also does not scale well for multiple remote access. This is why the common way to develop remote data applications use mysql and web based front ends. All that is required is to run a web server on the database machine, this can be dedicated to the job, or it can be an existing server. You then use php to control the data, this increases security as you do not have to expose the database port externally. You simply use the browser to access the database forms, and can incorporate your own user security to the system by adding user data to the database.

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