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AutoCAD - Dimension Angular 問題 (急)

我用AutoCAD 2002LT,本人想利用Angular去度孤形的長度,但當click Angular後,出來的並不是孤形的長度,是孤形的角度.

想問有沒有方法去改正還是用其他方法 ??望各位朋友幫助!!(急)


TO : rccc0000

係有d野,但只有handle, center point,radius, start angle同end angle,冇arc length!!

同埋如果想係圖show arc length,有沒有方法?

Update 2:

TO : rccc0000

唔好意思,係有架!! :) thanks!!

但如果想在圖show arc length,有沒有方法? 因為現在click Angular只顯示孤形角度.

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    go to below link

    Download dimarc.rar, extract to dimarc.lsp. Type appload and load the autolisp file.

    Type dimarc and select an arc to mark the arc length.

    Note: you can type units change length type precision to set the number of decimal places. e.g) 0.00

    2007-12-01 04:19:13 補充:

    Oh! Sorry! I don't remember Autocad LT version most likely can not use autolisp!You can list the arc to get the arc length and then edit the text of angular dimension by command ddedit.

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    command 打 list, 跟住click object & Enter. 就會出曬d野,其中有length是孤形的長度, 試下!!

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