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normal distributionar問題

What is normal distribution?


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    This is basically a statistic term, refering to a normal distribution Curve which present as an invert u-shape. Its characteristics are as follow :-

    1. A normal distribution curve is theoretical distribution of most normal survey result and is plotted on a X-Y axis chart;

    2. The curve is created from sampling data to represent the overall part picture of the population;

    3. If we draw a line cutting the curve in middle veritically down to the x-axis, the x-axis value will be the Mean (i.e. statistically average) and also the Median (i.e. middle ranking);

    4. Both left and right wing from the Mean would be the same shape and generally represent 50% of the result;

    5. A normal distribution curve covers 3 Standard Deviation (that required must more explaniation) from the Mean and statistically represent 99%+ of the population.

    This topic should at least a whole single chart of survey research. Email to me at if you need further explanation.

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