checking in跟checking out的英文對話

我要找checking in和checking out的英文對話~要30句!麻煩英文高手幫ㄧ下摟^^

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    ready to check into a hotel.

    a: Welcome ! May I help you?

    b: My name is Mike Wand, I made a reservation for a single room tonight.

    a: Well, let me see the list. Mike Wang...oh! Yes, here it is. Room 10. Please fill out the registration form.

    b: Sure.

    a: Here's your key.

    b: Thank you.

    a: Well, if you need anything, just call the bell captain. The number is on the phone.

    b: O.K. Thank you.

    a: You are welcome.


    b: I'd like to check out now. Charge in my room please.

    a: Here is your bill, sir.

    b: I want to pay my bill. Do you accept an American Express Card?

    a: Yes, please sign the bill and the credit card receipt?

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