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k i have a little prob, one of my really good friends is acting all depressed. alot of times shell look so?

upset and i ask her wats wrong and shell be like nothing. today that happ and i got it out of her and she reminded me of a convo we had and she said she was sooo depressed then and no1 realized. i was like i realized and i was really worried, cuz i was. and shes like 4get it and i was like no u cant just shut me out and she said 4get it i dont no wat im saying. also one weekend she got soo mad at me 4 a silly thing, and she got so worked up about it it scared me. she lost her dad wen she was young, her moms remarried and hses not close 2 a/o in her family. im soo nervous, wat shuld i do???

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  • mitzy
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    1 decade ago
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    You need to get her to open up and talk to you or someone else about whats up with her. HAve you been toher house to see how things are at home for her?

    Try telling her a secre about you and se if that gets her to open up. As a friend you ned to stick by her even if she insists she doesnt need you.

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