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Do republicans have a chance in 08?

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    Yes, they have a very good chance. I have a feeling, there are going to be some disappointed Democrats come election day. Keep in mind, this is only my opinion, and only time will tell, but I think too many people are just assuming that Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama will take the presidency.

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    Fact: Senator Max Cleland lost both legs and one arm in Vietnam. He won a silver star and a bronze star.

    Fact: John Kerry served in battle in Vietnam, won three purple hearts, a silver star and a bronze star.

    Fact: John McCain served his country in Vietnam was decorated and was a prisoner of war in that conflict.

    Fact: George W. Bush used his fathers influence to jump ahead of other people to enter the Air Force Reserve and then failed to make many of his training periods.

    Fact: Senators Cleland, Kerry and McCain all had their patriotism and the true value of there service called into question by the republican opponents during the last elections.

    Those are FACTS….. So go ahead now all you avid far right hawks, post your comments on how un-American I am because I stated facts. Give me the thumbs down. Or better yet come back with a statement that refutes those facts that have no evidence of truth. Swift Boat anyone?

    Are all republicans cowardly and un-American…of course not. I myself have voted both republican and democrat, because I look at the issues and vote accordingly. It’s called thinking and researching. I don’t vote a certain way because it’s republican or democrat.

    But this current administration has not followed republican values, has embarrassed America, has hurt America, has trampled the Constitution, has lied to it’s people, spied on it’s people and is well on the way to destroying our economy. Is it the republican party and republican values that have done that?....... NO!!! it’s the current republican administration. I would have a lot more respect for someone that would say “I’m a Republican, I’m proud to be a Republican and I support the republican values, but the current Presidency was a mistake, just like so many other electorial mistakes that have been made” But instead what the CURRENT far right spews is mindless, factless, hateful and shameful gibberish, so absent of any fact or honesty that they will attack Veterans that served with valor during wartime, even one of their own party. Is there even a word for that type of dishonor?

    Republicans will stand a chance if they are true to republican values.

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    i do not comprehend if he's deliberately attempting to kill the republicans opportunities, yet he's doing a darn solid job at it. Republican applicants are distancing themselves from Bush for political motives. the day earlier in the present day even as Bush did the Veto on the newborn care bill, the position extra little ones could have get top of entry to to remedy, turned right into a unpopular veto to the republican celebration and the yankee public which have little ones without remedy. it is purely one extra blunder out of many who the republican celebration does no longer opt for to be linked with.

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    Sit back, let Hillary keep on talking, & she will destroy herself in time. After all "what's in the well, will come up in the bucket".

    She is the greatest tool in the Republican's tool belt. Just watch...

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    As much of a chance Hillary has of persuading voters she's a man before the election.

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    If Hillary gets Democratic nomination a moderate republican other than Rudy got one vote.

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    No. 06 was an indicator of the sentiment of the American people. Bush blew it for them.

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  • They don't have a snowball in Hell's chance!

    Source(s): VOTE DEMOCRAT in '08 and Beyond!
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    Put Hillary or Obama up for Prez.....And the GOP will win easily....

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