Is there anyway I can access my dead friends email and webpage without the password?

Please, my best friend passed away and I want to turn her website into a memorial to her, her webpage is password protected, the only way to retrieve the passsword is through accessing her email, but nobody knows the password is there anyway I can get into them without the password?

her email account is held by hotmail and her webpage is hosted by freewebs


I plan on leaving her page as is, but add a note to inform her customers of her death.

I was also considering adding a page with a photo of Julia and what she meant to me.

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  • Emo B
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    1 decade ago
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    If she's under 18 her mom would probably get that info.. or she could call in pretending to be her since she knows all her info. Or like her sister or something.. I guess that's the only way, is if you call and say you forgot your passwords. Sorry about your friend.

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    yes there is a way to access someone hotmail account with out the password what u do is that u write a email to tell them what happened in the email and 9 out of 10 they will reset the password for u. the reason i know this is because someone hacked into my brother hotmail and i wrote to hotmail and they reseted the password i hope this helps and sorry 4 the loss

  • C
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    1 decade ago

    Sorry about the loss of your friend.

    why not go to freewebs and open an account and use that as a memorial.

    Sorry but since it is her web-page and email it should be kept private. If she wanted to share that information with you she would of.

    Don't change something she can still be a memorial with messages left by her friends and family...

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    You can Copy and paste the entire website into Google Documents and export it as an Html page, or publish it from Google Docs. Then you can upload it to a new site and add to it. or you can click on The View tab at the top, and select view source code. then copy and paste that into your basic HTML page. It is not really fair to her though, cause you should be more creative, and leave hers for posterity. just link to it everywhere on your page, to make it easy for people to view. She would have probably wanted it that way.

    Source(s): I have had my space invaded way to much, I know how it feels. Carmen
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  • 1 decade ago

    This is almost too sad to answer, sorry about your loss... the only think I can think of, if I was in the same situation, would be to somehow contact the host of the email and website, get a relative to present a death certificate and turn over the information to you... I'm not too technical, so I don't know... maybe this is a situation where a hacker can be of help... (((sorry)))

  • 1 decade ago

    This type of question has been asked recently with parents of soldiers who lost there lives in Iraq/Afghanistan. AT first the email provider said no, but I think they may over-turned that decision. You may want to google the situation and see what comes up in the search and you can see how it was resolved -- which could help you to learn what direction to go with this and for whoms help to ask first.

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    You should email the admin. of the Freewebs or Hotmail, & explain the situation. There should definitely be a way to contact them. They'll ask for some proof, but they should work with you (depending on the amount of devotion their customer service has), on getting control of the account.

    Sorry for your loss! :(

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    figure out the answer 2 that question asked when u make an id then it will let ya on... im sry 2 hear bout the loss... thats nice 2 make a memorial thing 4 her

  • Rowen
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    1 decade ago

    Open Hotmail and insert her name then click "Forgot Password". They will email back with a form that asks you to submit a new password.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Use the Bible Program. It's a form of a bruteforce hacking program. I know some people who have used it a long time ago and might still have it. For now, try to figure out the secret question answer first.

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