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For the real cyclist in this forum: What is your take on Astana for the upcoming 08 cycling season?

and does anyone know if Slipstream will be invited to the TdF?

On paper Astana looks like a beast again! With Johan at the helm, and the additions they've made in the past couple weeks, they should be too.

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    There are a few bits of Discovery that many would consider more important to pick up than a manager. Since they are getting most of those bits also (Alberto and co) that has got to help. (Nothing against Johan he is better than most, but doesn't do the riding)

    They, still have to fit in with the rest of the team, which has to get over the dramas of this year. A power house for sure, but weather they can knock off C.S.C. is yet to be seen. (Will be good to watch)

    Slipstream has applied for "wildcard" status with the U.C.I. along with 19 other teams. If this is successful they will get a lot more chances to impress the A.S.O.

    After putting a line through Discovery and Unibet there are only 18 U.C.I protour teams for the T.D.F. in 2008, which means three "wildcards". Who knows what the A.S.O. are thinking? So wait until late May and find out.

    Usually it is teams with big performances, big names or from countries that the tour visits that get the wildcards. Nobody had Barloworld picked this year. Maybe the GBR. after their name helped, (South African team based in U.K). Perhaps it might help Slipstream's chances if it moves base to France.

    Slipstream has probably the best chance of any U.S team getting into the T.D.F next year. Realistically it is still quite a long shot.

    Personally I don’t care where the teams are from as long as the best riders are there. Many teams are based in different countries and "buy" riders from anywhere the world anyway.

    Hopefully the competition will be on the road next year not the tents.

    Do we have any “FAKE” cyclists in this forum that answer your Questions?

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    If anyone has seen 'Borat' (Sacha Baron Cohen). Then you will forgive my sniggers, as any mention of Kazakhstan conjours up images beyond belief !

    I know that this British sense of humour did not go down very well in the USA but I found it hilarious!!!

    Astana however is a little more serious and I think these guys will provide some good output next season,- one to watch!

    Not sure about Slipstream though, too early too tell, anyway it's down to those really nice French people, isn't it?


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    yeah it is slipstream all the way and yes they did get invited to the TdF this year and i think zabriskie, millar and danielson are going to be huge contenders to the malliot jaune

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    sorry, my bad. i was too busy cycling to follow the standings or plot the stats. again im sorry i guess im nort a real cyclist

    Source(s): 2000+ miles in the last 6 months alone
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    they're all on dope! nah, just kiding. however, it would be a suprise to see none of them get caught w/ dope

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