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Baby turtles and a tank ==============?

I have 2 baby red-eared sliders. They're a little over 5 cm big.

I'm going to get a bigger tank soon. I'm thinkin' 20 gallons.

Do you think I will eventually need to get a bigger tank someday...? Or is keeping them in a 20-gallon tank forever good enough?

I just don't want to get a huge 60-gallon one... especially if I spend all that money just to find out they die the next day or something. I would feel ridiculous. And I don't even know where I would fit such a gigantic tank.

And is it true that the turtles will grow faster if I keep them in a bigger tank?

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    yes the 20 gallon would be fine. and its is true the more space you give them the bigger they get..mine did...

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    eventually, your turtles will need at least a 100 gallon for both of them. If they turn out to be female, then they will need bigger than that, about a 125 gallon. i have 2 and they are in a 65 gallon now and I'm getting them a 150 gallon once they grow.

    In a 20 gallon now, that will probably last them about a year or less before they will be needing a bigger tank.

    And also, keeping them in a small tank will not stop them growing. The thing that controls their growing is how much you feed them. In the wild, turtles grow pretty slowly compared to the growth rates of captives, because the turtle foods and stuff that captive turtles eat are very high in protein and some people feed their turtles way too much so they will grow fast and also maybe have shell deformities. So, feed your turtles every day about as many turtle pellets as would fit inside their head if it were hollow (probably 2 or 3 at this point I'd guess..) and when they are about 6 months old cut back the feedings to once every 2 or 3 days. Then your turtles won't grow way too fast and you will have time to be able to set them up a proper habitat.

    Oh yeah. I recommend getting the biggest tank now that you can afford/have room for, because that will save you money in the long run and you can avoid constantly upgrading the tank as they grow. If they die or something then you can always sell the tank on craigslist.

    Which is where I recommend looking for your new tank at, btw. You can get a used tank a LOT cheaper than a brand new one. Just make sure it holds water before you buy it!!

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    Yes, you will most definitely need to get a larger tank than 20 gallons. I always recommend buying the biggest tank within your budget, simply because in the case of living area bigger is better. Your pets will be much healthier in a larger tank.

    You will also have slightly less cleaning to do with a larger tank. Please don't go any smaller than 40 gallons. All reptiles and most amphibians do require a lot of time and effort spent to keep them alive. Daily maintenance is required. If you really aren't willing to do all this and spend very much money I would recommend sticking to something smaller and easier to take care of. Anoles are really easy lizards, as far as lizards go.

    Maybe you should try those instead. And they CAN live very happily in a ten or twenty gallon tank.

    Source(s): Pet Store Employee XD
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    At this point- no. The other turtles are badly over-crowded and adding another one will make things worse. The bigger ones will bully smaller ones because of the stress. The space rule is about 10 gallons of water per inch of shell, so your 7" turtle should be in 70 gallons of water by itself! Having the right space prevents stress, aggression, disease, and soiling. It makes cares easier and promotes healthy, happy turtles. Happy turtles do not often attack babies or each other.

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    At 5cm each you need to start with at least a 40 gallon tank. Rule of thumb is 10gal per inch of shell (and you have nearly 4 inches total of turtles). You'll have to increase tank size as they grow unless you start out with a larger tank--RES can get to be 8inches long or more if they are females! Turtles will not grow to the size of their tank--that is a cruel myth. A turtle that is kept in too small a tank will become stressed from the living conditions, and will become ill. Invest in a big tank, powerful filter, heaters for the water, basking heat lamp, UVB bulbs, and frequent water changes and you'll have healthy and long-lived turtles.

    I would not feel "ridiculous" spending money to take the best care of my pets.


    Source(s): CVT, turtle owner
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    you may want to go a little bigger than 20, but if you cant then yeah a 20 gallon is fine and also in case you didnt know, you need an airstone at the bottom of the tank to put more air in the water, [thats how my turtle dies:( i didnt have one)

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    Tank size does not speed or slow growth.

    The tank size rule is about 10 gallons of water per inch of turtle- so your 2" turtles would need 40 gallons of water now (note- that is the WATER space, not the total tank size.)

    When full grown to 10", they would need about 200 gallons.

    I know that most people think that sounds ridiculously large, but it really helps prevent stress, aggression, etc.

    Aquaria the right size are expensive- try a plastic tub instead.

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    No, you need 10 gallons of water for every inch of shell your turtle has. So, sliders usually are between 7-9 inches each. So you will need around a 200 gallon tank. 20 gallons is WAY to small. And sorry, i am not good with cm I only know inches.

    Please visit http://www.redearslider.com/ for more information or go to the forum and http://www.redearslider.com/forum and there all you need to do is sign up and ask questions if you are having any with your turtle.

    And if you are not willing to spend the money on them, i suggest that you give them to someone who can.

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    your turtles will grow faster once you put them in the tank

    you might now want to put them in such a big tank now or else they will grow really fast

    you should buy a ten gallon tank first and then move them to a twenty gallon tank when they get 1 or 2 inches bigger

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    I have four turtles in two tanks, one 15 gallon and one 55 gallon. You will be fine for a couple years in the 20 gallon tank, but they will stop growing if they never see a bigger tank. Turtles actually never stop growing except for food or environmental constrains(such as a small tank)

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    totally.. i think that just the 20 gallon would be fine. i had a red-eared slider.. and he waz fine in his 20glln tank. there should be enough room for two.

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