i need to refinance my auto-due to my current lender my credit scores under520.they screwed me bytheir mistake

my current lender is wells fargo bank [bad bank]i have a car loan thru them.i had made a over pay at the beginning of year. And was told i didnt need to make another payment till a couple months down the road,so i didnt i guess they just did an audit and say i owe them for it now and they are trying to say im five mths past due-but the statement i just recieved says i owe for nov and dec payments coming up...they told me to disregard it-i need to find help from someone to help me get out of this bank and refinanced...

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    1 decade ago
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    Your description of your problem is not clear. Work on your sentence structure.

    Contact Well Fargo and speak to the Customer Service Rep. Ask them to walk you through the process of setting up on-line access to the account. Then, log on to check the status and delinquency of any payments.

    Unless you are getting a serious reduction in interest rate, there is no reason to "refi" an auto loan. Your best course of action is to pay the payments and pay it in full.

  • jojo
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    1 decade ago

    Try refinancing with Capital One, online, my credit is not that great and they refinanced me and so far have been really easy to work with. I just recently got behind and they let me defer a payment.

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