Prostate Exams???

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I have never had a prostate exam and am nearing the age to have one. Any pointers? I have heard that men have erections during the exam, is this usual, normal or just an urban legend? more
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  • Ken H answered 7 years ago
A digital exam where they insert their finger in. My doctor had me lean over the exam table while standing. He donned a latex glove. Then not only inserted his finger, it was move deep and around to find the prostate. After that it feels like you need to go the bathroom. You can kiss modesty good by and the gown does not help you. I was preferred to a women urologist because of an enlarged prostate. That is a whole different experience. But I never got erection, except when having my testicles checked with an ultra-sound. The xray tech used warm gel and a paddle to get the picture.

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Thanks! I hope everything worked out well for you.
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  • a answered 7 years ago
    See Cynthia's prostate exam blooper at the link below. The exam is indeed an "in and out."


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  • parkermbg answered 7 years ago
    mostly urban legend, not a sexy experience at all.
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  • Merl answered 7 years ago
    By the age of 57, I have had several such exams. You can bet that what you heard is just an urban legend.


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  • George D answered 7 years ago
    not a very pleasant experience...but you'll live and I doubt you'll get anywhere near an erection at the doctors office , unless of course you have some kind of fetish for these things, then that's different..
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