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Spanish in venezuela caracas?? long..?

Hey people i need some advice.. if i travel to caracas venezuela to study spanish for 2 months and stay with a host good do you rekon my spanish will be??

And when i come back home i use language software and have spanish lessons..?? how good will it be then?? thank you


and sori who said im amerian?? cos here ther thing i anm form england not AMERICA!! LOL

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    Depends on what you know now. I dont where you are from, but Venezuela is not the place to be right now. But if you are starting from Ground zero, Id say youd probably be at the same level as most 3rd grade children but with an accent.

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    wow, do you really want to be an american in Caracas right now?

    Chico, piensa las cosas bien.

    Depending on your age, It will take you a full year of being immersed in the language to pick it up.

    Why not start the software lessons now?

    I rekon if you go to Caracas now, you will be shot, kidnaped or robbed. LOL

    PS. Venezuela has the most beutiful chicas in the world.

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    you should take a look at the software if you haven't already. you'd be surprised how much a couple weeks of learning the very very basics will help you when you're submersed in an environment of fluent native language. if you're going there to study for 2 months... you are so lucky! i'm jealous.

    your spanish should be much better if you're already learning it and you'll get a very good start if you're a beginner

    good luck!

    buenas suerte!

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    well, you will be in a spanish country. studying there for 2 months, and with a spanish family. If you really speak spanish the whole time, it will help you a lot. Just dont be tempted to speak to any english speaking person there.. You should learn a lot.

    Source(s): I learned spanish here at work in va. speaking it every day and almost perfected it, but I have been speaking it for 9 years now. Good luck.
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