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Have you seen people who pick their noses and put their finger in their mouth?

Someone told me about it before but I didn't believe anyone could be so gross until I saw someone do it too EEEW!


It's so gross like they eat it. Salty.

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    Oh honey, have I ever.

    I worked for our county library system for ten years, and at the branch where I worked the longest, we had a librarian who did that. Actually, she did two things. One was that she would pick her nose and then wipe what came out on a little memo pad--the pad she'd write notes on when she was helping people. That was really bad and disgusting, because the library was an open floor plan, and the reference desk where the librarians sat was right smack dab in the middle of the building, with a clear line of sight to just about everywhere.

    The other thing she would do it. I am not kidding. We clerks complained to the manager of the branch about it, but she thought we were making it up to be mean to the librarian because she was sort of not nicely groomed, and she thought we were just being mean. We couldn't convince her that it was happening, because the librarian in question always did it when she was covering their desk alone. Finally, our manager got THREE separate complaints from library patrons in one week, and she was forced to face the fact that an adult woman with a Master's degree was acting like a disgusting little kid infront of God and everyone. The guilty party and the boss spent an hour discussing it in the boss' office, and while we all took turns trying to sneak up and listen at the door, they were talking too quietly for us to hear the discussion. The only thing we knew for sure was that the picker was so upset after the conversation that she took the rest of the day off. And let me just add that grooming and hygiene problems aside, she was a really nice person.

    Now, I do have to tell you something, but it needs an explanation, too. I get caught with my finger in my right nostril from time to time. There's a reason for it, though. I have a pierced nose, and I wear a thing called a nostril screw, which is just what it sounds like--a piece of jewelry that screws in and is held in place by the bends in the jewelry (sometimes people refer to them as pigtails, because of the bend in them). Every once in a while, my screw turns by itself and starts sticking me in the inside of the nose, rather than lying flat, like it's supposed to. I have learned from many nosebleeds that those are emergency situations, so I always excuse myself and go to the restroom and fix the problem. However, it has happened while I am driving, and there's nothing to be done but fix it before I end up bleeding. In those cases, I fix the screw, but I also scream, "Adjusting! Not picking!" at the top of my lungs. And I use hand sanitizer right afterward. I just thought that I should put that in as a disclaimer in case you ever see a woman in a Ford F-150 with a finger in her nostril ;)

    Source(s): true story--you'd never believe the stuff I saw at the library
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    Yes, I have seen people do it. Mostly kids, but there are adults who sometimes do it too (may be they did that as a habit and don't really think about what they are doing)

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    I've seen small children do it, and it still gross me out.


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    Yeah, I have seen that while on a traffic light! It's absolutely disgusting!!!!

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    No, but I have seen people roll it up, and throw it on the floor.

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    yes. gross, huh..

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