Gay Sex????

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who has had it and what does it feel like?
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yea on numerous occasions,

well im not going to lie to ya but the first and even second time is actually really REALLY painful especially if your partner doesnt lossen ya up.

but once ya get use to it it feels pretty great. just remember theres no such thing as too much lube. =]

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thankss alot!!

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  • NONAME answered 7 years ago
    Gay sex i a wonderfull experience, it is so primal so dirty, so erotic, it is heaven to feel a male organ inside the back passage, the male G spot is located in that area, that is why it feels so good.
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  • Micheal Jones answered 7 years ago
    without going too deep into it, for me (im gay) i cant explain what it feels like on here but it is VERY enjoyable, a mans "g" spot is located in his anus.

    I was very young when i had my first experience, and i can only say it is unlike anything you can imagine.

    HINT: use lubricant, go slowly, and have fun
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  • san_mateo_guy answered 7 years ago
    have and it feels awesome
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  • Mizz Dri answered 7 years ago
    well...i have had sex with a girl...and it feels a lil better than regular, because they KNOW how to please you
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  • ? answered 7 years ago
    is a normal gay-love and it feel like normal love
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  • Belanova Rules answered 7 years ago
    well i've never had gay sex because im bisexual but i've had it well you know where and it hurts like a "B" well atleast for me it did

    Edit: i've had it in that BLACK HOLE .LOL.
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  • Tommy Thompson answered 7 years ago
    The only response you should get is this....especially after looking through your qeustions and answers because you have had nothing to do with trying to learn about homosexuality or try to build a bridge between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

    I aint gonna tell you. If you want to know what it feels like, go try it out.
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