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what is your opinion of 虐童?

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    what is your opinion of child abuse?

    There are many children in this world that had been oppressively treated, abused to the point of near death, forced to do tasks against their wills, and not even weighed to be humans. Abusive acts are performed ranging from peers to adults, usually due to carelessness, lack of emotional control, mental complications, or simple hatred and jealousy. Such acts are considered immoral, morbid, and inhumane to the anyone, that has the least amount of sense. Its not moral in the first place, to violate the rights of the children, even if they are under 18. Every human is born with the rights to freedom and justice, and is not to be taken away, because some people feel they are more superior, or have the shameful right to.

    The society itself plays a part in the increase of child abuse, for the world is slowly making clear cuts between the rich and the poor. Child abuse occurs most frequently in poor families because of economic inefficiency within the family, gambling, drunkards, and all other factors that makes the children suffer avoidable conditions. << enter statistics here (e.g a clip or report from the newspaper or statistics showing the rate of child abuse within course of one year, or monthly. somthing like that)>>Governments spends minimal efforts in trying to assist such cruelty, even if reigning under the name of justice and fairness.

    Child abuse will be a huge factor causing the downfall of many future generations, for childhood shadows have the most impact on how kids will grow and adapt to the environment. As philosophers always remarks, "Children now, Leaders of the future." If child abuse is led to run wild in our world, the society will definetly not benefit, and will be backfired upon if they don't take serious action now.

    我用10分鐘幫你打佐大概.如果比你理想的水準低的話,請多多見諒 x >x<"x


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