Pros and cons of nuclear weapons?

I'm doing a debate on nuclear weapons and I need some info cause I know nothing about it! I'm con nuclear weapons. All I know is that it kills a lot of innocent people, makes places inhabitable and thats about it. Any ideas?


I also have to do a rebuttal so when you list pros can you give me advice on how to rebuttal it? Thanks!

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    Nuclear weapons are for one thing and one thing only. A way to show power. The US used nuclear weapons in Japan which everyone knows of the total destruction. However, the US also used nuclear weapons in Iraq. There are several levels of weapontry. But it is very pompos of us to try and save the world from nuclear weapons when we are the most rogue nation in the world. We believe just because it is in our interest, it is right for everyone. With the leadership of this country we are right and everyone else is wrong. Nuclear weapons like most WEAPONS are wrong. However nuclear technoligy is one that should be explored.

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    Nuclear weapons are the only thing that prevented a war between the USSR and the USA.

    Second the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan saved millions of lives.

    third- From the knowledge of radiation and nuclear weapons came several key inventions like nuclear power.

    fourth- we have a much better understanding know of what a meteor hitting Earth will be like.


    In todays world groups and nations that do not care about humanity like the USA which is great nation and a beacon of hope to everyone have or are trying to get them

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    Here is the one undeniable fact about Nuclear weapons:

    No nation that posesses nuclear weapons has EVER gone to war with another nation also in posession of them.

    It kept the US and USSR from war. Kept US and China from direct war. India and Pakistan stopped having wars as soon as they got them...

    Nuclear weapons deter more bloodshed than any other form of force ever devised.

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    Yes and maybe u wanna ask how 200+ nuke warheads has gone to Israel and Nobody questions them or anything like that.

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