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Why would the Brewers give up catcher Johnny Estrada for ONLY Guillermo Mota??? Doesn't make sence to me?

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    And why would they want Jason Kendall? Estrada played with a torn rotator cuff and a knee injury which no doubt hurt his stats last year. He was one of the worst in the league last year in throwing out runners, but in the previous two years he threw out 29% and 34% while being an all star. He should rebound to hit .285/15hr while throwing out 25%. Brewers fans can expect .270 from Kendall woth ZERO hr and throwing out 15% of runners. In a market with few decent catchers, the Brew crew could have and should have recieved a prospect plus Mota. Mota has seen better days.

  • Johnny Estrada sucks. I read he just had knee surgery, plus he can't run/horrible OBP/ has a weak arm...but I am surprised that the Mets got anything at all for that roider Guillermo Mota, he is HATED in NY. I'm sure this move made a lot of Met fans happy anyway.

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    Estrada was injured late in the season for one, and they need bullpen help big time, but I can't say I understand it either. I figured they would at least try for a prospect and Mota. The rumors are that they are close to a deal with Jason Kendell. I guess they might be planning to play Mike Rivera more this season as well, and if Mota plays well he really does fill a more pressing need for them in anyone solid in the bullpen.

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    He had surgery for a meniscus tear in his left knee and a bone spur removed from his throwing elbow this offseason. Those are two surgeries that I wouldn't want my catcher to be having! I think it was a damaged goods for damaged goods trade and both sides hope the players can rebound back to when they were good players (even though Mota was never really that good). I think Estrada has more of an upside though.

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    probably because estrada did have some problems late last year, the brewers want to keep their bullpen strong (mota is a quality reliever) and the crew is probably going to go out and sign a new catcher

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