What do these Spanish words mean in English?

1. Aunque

2. Jamas

3. Inalcanzable

4. Por supuesto


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    Aunque means "even though." Aunque tiempo ha pasado, todavia pienso en ti" means, "even though time has past, I still think of you."

    Jamas means "never again." or "no more." "Jamas voy a fumar" would mean "I'm not going to smoke anymore."

    Inalcanzable means unreachable. It's from the verb alcanzar (to reach). I can be used in the sense of an unreasonable goal or a person that simple cannot be "reached." Note that this just slightly different from unattainable but there's a separate verb for "to attain."

    Pro supesto means "of course" or more colloquially "for sure" as we would say in english slang. "Is it really going to happen?" can be responded to with "por supuesto que si!" or "of course it is!." "For sure it is!" It doesn't always have to be so upbeat though. For example, "Of course, no one really thought it would happen that way" would also start out with por supesto.


    Source(s): I'm a spanish teacher (LearnSpanish.com and StudySpanish.com)
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    Most of the solutions have it correct. Puno, nonetheless poses a hindrance considering that you point out a few Spanish men. Were you in Spain? Spanish is spoken in lots of different international locations, now not simply Spain, however so much of Latin America for starters. In Mexico that phrase might imply a quantity of matters, and locooo can imply weirdo or a quantity of alternative meanings. You must specify in which this occurred considering that meanings are often local.

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    Aunque Meaning

  • Fatima
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    Aunque = Although, Even

    Jamas = Never

    Inalcanzable = Unapproachable

    Por supuesto = Of course, for sure

    Source(s): I am Mexican
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    aunque= Although


    Inalcanzable= is like with out being able to do something ...umm not being able to attain something..

    por supuesto= of course

  • belen
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    1 decade ago

    1. even if

    2. never

    3. unachievable

    4. of course

    Source(s): spanish girl
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    I often use this website as a translator. http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/

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