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Citation Help >.< pwease?

I have an essay due tomorrow and I'm almost done all I need is the citation page but I need two citations from a book/encyclopedia and three from the internet. All I need is the books can someone please tell me some on the Battle of Trenton I only need two. I would have gotten them but due to my parents being busy I couldn't go to the library..=S


I need the page number the name of the title of the book, the author, the year, and where it was printed :S I know it's a lot

Update 2:

Sarah do you know the page in which the battle of Trenton in your text book is ^-^ and the author?

Thanks for the info by the way

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    Would a textbook/AP review book be ok? If so, here's the info for mine... I don't know what citation format you'd like, so here's the plain information to arrange:

    APUSH Textbook:

    Title: The American Pageant

    Authors: David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, Thomas A. Bailey

    Publishing company & city: Houton Mifflin Company; Boston, Massachusetts

    Copyright 2002

    APUSH Review book

    Title: AP United States History

    Authors: Gregory Feldmeth, Gary Piggrem, Jerome McDuffie, Steven Woodworth

    Publishers & city: Research & Education Association, Inc., Piscataway, New Jersey

    I hope this is okay.

    Copyright 2006

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