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Whos the better Drummer, Mitch Mitchell or John Bonham?

my friends and I are locked in a never ending debate over who is the better rock drummer. I love bonham to death but I have to say that Mitch Mitchell is severley underrated and underapriaceted(pardon the spelling). When I purposed that he may be better than Bonham, my friends all stared at me like I was insane....

What do you think?

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    what kind of wuestion is that

    mitch mitchell is better

    mitch mitchell is a better drummer

    i love the jimi hendrix experience

    mitch is soo talented and he is attractive to but not now that he is really old.

    i hope to meet him someday.

    anyone that can play then drums as fast as he can

    boy idk,

    hey aleats youre friends no who mitch mitchell is


    -ecspecially when he plays manic depression!

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