swiss guard-GOd?

he posted a question about my question can ya'll tell me what it says it 's the ? protestant proves purgatory thaks! oh and i'm not protestant!


thank you for both of your answers! I realy do enjoy discussing religon and going back and forth with diffrent belifs. As far as what i belevie here it is

Once a person is saved they are NOT UNHOLY ANYMORE our bodies still are but when they die they get a knew body. the Bible say " you ARE the rightousness of GOD IN CHRIST" once you are saved you are IN CHRIST. So you are not unholy anymore :)

love you guys take care thanks for the answers.

Update 2:

swiss sorry if i sounded harsh with the Catholic Schurch it was not my intention I was just frustrated. My Dad was raised a Catholic he was even an alter boy! I realy like most catholics must have been a bad day for me. MY apologies.

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    I get interested in the parties who sort of war on things so I went back and looked at a lot of your questions: you had very good answers and biblically sound as well

    I looked at Swiss Guards answers and they are consistant with one another as well, though i'm not catholic. (roman or otherwise)

    You need to understand something. I'm not protestant, i'm not catholic, jew or something else. I'm a sinner saved by grace who accepts Jesus as the LORD and Savior he came to be.

    now to your question about purgitory. No such thing. In I Cor 3, paul speaks of our works being burned up if they were not done to glorify Christ. We stand there and what we have done is judged. it is referred to as the bema judgment seat of Christ.

    we in no way are punished for our works. However our works reveal the level of service we provide in eternity. we are robed in our righteous works as well, some will be thread bare will they not.

    welcome to religion and spirituality

    As for Swiss Guard, I do hope they give you better body armour when the islam terrorist army comes calling.

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    1) I removed you're block

    2) You are a protestant

    There are three branches of Christianity:

    1 Catholic

    2 Protestant (includes 1000's of sub-denominations)

    3 Eastern Orthodox

    If you are a Christian, you are one of those. People who think otherwise delude themselves, and do not know how Christianity has evolved to this point in time.

    You are not Catholic, and its a fair bet you are not Eastern Orthodox, so you are a protestant.

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