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Unconfirmed: IAN SMITH passed away?

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that Ian Smith has passed away...... any thoughts? Africa loses a great man and it is a sad day for Zimbabwe in view of their current plight......

Any thoughts.....?ا

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    Where do people get their answers from? Wow some people can wear blinkers.

    Yes he is dead, died in his home in Cape Town at the age of 88. Its not his fault Zim is the way it is today, its is totally BOBs doing. I guess he was a great man coz Zim used to be great too.

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    Yes MJ, it's now confirmed that he died at a clinic near Cape Town. He was 88 and will always be remembered by alot of Rhodesians and Zimbabweans with mixed feelings. Alot of people thought that he 'sold the country down the line' whilst others felt that he was the worst oppressor in history.

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    I saw it on the news this morning. Apparently Mugabe said that Smith wouldn't be missed-not in a thousand years. Mugabe is really a bitter old man!

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    It is sad and if he was still the leader in Zimbabwe it would still be the place it was and it's own people would not flee or be refugees

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    If I didn't know better I would think Mugabe had him killed. He seems to survive whilst all others perish in that country. He is worse, much worse than Saddam was, but there's no oil there, is there?

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    He's really dead - saw it on the BBC today. He was 81. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Rhodesia was the coolest sounding name for a country though - sounds like another word for paradise.

    Source(s): Me. Not all Americans are blind and clueless!
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    Undoubtedly a hoax.

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    just heard it on the news

  • this was no great man, he was your average supremacist politician of the era, yes he has died at 88, *sigh* it's just a shame that he died feeing vindicated, Africa's so full of ironies!

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    not sure who he is!

    i have heard of Ian Duncan Smith in th UK.

    Whoever he was if it is true RIP

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