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Krav Maga..?

what do you think are the pros and cons of taking Krav Maga?

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    Krav Maga means “close combat” in Hebrew was created by Imi Lichtenfeld and is used in the Israeli military and several bodyguard agencies and intelligence branches around the world. It is a hybrid martial art consisting of varying martial arts discipline using only the most beneficial techniques. The goal of Krav Maga is to use anything possible to escape an attack with minimal injuries. It encompasses all ranges of fighting: striking, grappling, ground fighting, weapons dis-arming and using improvised weapons.

    Advantages: Uses effective moves from many different arts. Teaches no holds barred fighting to best simulate how to survive by any means(punches, kicks, biting, eye gouging, small joint manipulation, using anything around you as a weapon) in a real life self defense situation. Uses the body's natural reflexes and simple universal movements requiring little time to learn.

    Disadvantages: Has become commercialized so many place may or may not be truly qualified to teach it, and you might not get the proper quality one on one training needed. To become a certified teacher in Krav Maga I believe you simply take 3 5-14day courses. If you want to compete there is no tournaments.

    Neutral Opinion: Civilian Krav Maga is watered down greatly from military(which a civilian does not need that type of hand to hand combat training anyway). Krav Maga techniques could greatly injure your attacker(which if its life and death you shouldnt worry too much about hurting your attacker but if its a not so dangerous situation you may find yourself in trouble for using excessive force....so you need to know proper self control)

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    heres some videos of krav maga


    Source(s): 3 yrs muay thai, 6months krav maga, 4 yrs off and on capoeira
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    My good friend does Krav Maga... I do Traditional Shao-lin.


    Looks like a good way to get your aggression out

    Seems to be straight forward and practical fighting focused

    I believe it will give you all of the basic self defense skills you might ever need.

    Has a pretty cool history for a young art.

    Simple, Straight forward, effective.


    It lacks some of the Art aspects of martial art

    has little or no spiritual background

    lacks the in depth history of other forms

    Lacks different styles, weapons, animal forms, and No internal what so ever.

    It maybe TOO simple for a long term commitment... I couldn't imagine practicing Krav for 10 years... ick... On the other hand practicing Shoa-lin for ten years... is hardly a beginning.

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    looks like a very good martial art.

    Did some in london and they started with defences against knives and car parks etc

    Note there are 3 versions... civilian, police and military and its a hybid of others.

    Personally having tried ninjitus as well I would go fro that instead or maybe in combinantion with kravmag as the ninjitusu does not hold back with a cvivilan version and covers more like leaps and rolls and climbing etc

    also an assassins martial art is a good idea

    Also add parkour and free running to escape.


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    these are both military based martial arts not sport

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