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Black Female Math Major?

I am a black , female math major. I'm the only math major I know who is not white or asian. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the company of my fellow white/asian math nerds (lol) but sometimes I wish I could find a math major or better yet a mathematician who looked like me (black &female). Is that wrong?


I am in a mentoring program that is aimed at putting more minorities into the sciences but all the mentors are either white or asian.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A Black Mathematician is like a Black African-American. It is redundant. Mathematics and the other sciences BEGAN with Black people in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and Nubia. These math and science (astrology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc.) books that you see today are based in OUR ancient wisdom. Whites were still on all fours in the caves of the Caucas Mtns. of Europe when were through the golden age of antiquity. Building structures so scientifically exact that modern "scientists" cannot explain. Not to mention producing volumes and volumes of texts that were later STOLEN by the Greeks.

    You want me now to study something taught by whites and asians that is within me naturally? No. I did, however, study law (not THE law, but the laws of America) in order to secure myself a "career". There were not many of us in my classes either but I don't blame us for not really wanting to be subjected to the BS.

    A tip for you: Please keep in mind you are learning from pseudo-intellectuals. Please embrace ancient wisdom for the true sciences as well as simply looking within for the answers.

    Good luck, although none is really necessary.

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