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Questions about life in Nepal?

1. What do you eat? What type of foods are in your refrig or home?

2. Could you describe the types of homes in your country and the one you live in.

3. Please feel add anything else unique or interesting about your country.

I am asking 27 different countries I found on Yahoo! Answers, thank you.

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    I don't live in Nepal, but I was there for a month last summer, and this is what I saw:

    There are rice paddies everywhere in the higlands, so obviously that is a major source of food. When you walk through the markets, there is a lot of fruit, chicken, pork, and vegetables being sold, also many spices. There is every kind of range of food from very traditional to the same brands of snacks you'd find in a convenience store in North America.

    2. Many of the houses in Kathmandu are made of brick/cement with tin and bamboo roofs. Often there are large bricks on top of the roof to hold it down. In the villages, many of the houses were made of dirt, clay, or cement. One house I was in looked made entirely of mud, the floor, the stairs, and the walls, and there were piles of hay/grass (I'm not sure what it technically was) that the woman used to make rugs out of to sell.

    3. Nepal is an incredibly beautiful country, and I was disappointed to see how much Western culture has been washed over it. Every second person you meet asks if you or someone you know if a celebrity. Nepal is entwined in it's Buddhist and Hindu religions, with many incredible temples to see. Almost everywhere you go you can barter for goods you want to buy, it's very cheap. The people are the most accepting and friendly I've met in my life, they always invite you into their home and serve you the traditional Nepali milk tea, which is very good. It was sad to see that many people on the street were influenced by drugs....even at very young ages. I saw a group of around 10 year old boys standing around sniffing glue, and a woman asking us to buy milk for her child, which was sold for drug money. The high mountain peaks are often shrouded with clouds, but the lush green mountains around Kathmandu are always visible, and an incredible sight. Nepal is definately a country worth visiting!! I hope this gives you some idea of everyday life there...

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    I'm not from Nepal but I have a friend who does.

    1. They eat meat, bread and rice. Some of their food is like the food in India. They use lots of spices.

    2. From what he told me, their house is made of cement w/ a

    tin roof. But most poor people live in a mud house. He sez

    it's like an igloo?

    3. They have arrange marriages over there. The parents of the boy and girl arranges the kids marriages while they were still babies or little children. Hey, my friend married the girl that his parents pick for him when he was still a baby.

    I hope somebody can give you better answer than this. Good luck!!

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    Been to Nepal two times, 1st time in 1992 final time Oct 2006. i'm uncertain approximately your historical past, yet whilst your a North American standard guy or woman, you will require very numerous non-public fortitude. that's a eye-catching usa with an edgy political device. Flexibility and your skill to settle for non-North American sanitary standards is a might desire to. The worst place is Kathmandu. Anapurna, the river rafting and Tiger Tops are a might desire to be sure.

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    oh i just started to watch and query about these Yahoo Answer which is very useful.

    i,m glad somebody asked about Nepal also but no clear answer.ok her we go for answer.

    1) All food we used to prepare is enogh for single time only so normally no need to refrig except if left over only. And necessary items will kept in Fridge not everyone the people who had Fridge.We normally eat breakfast with round/flat deep fried bread names Sel/Malpua with Tea/Coffee and othere various items such as cookies,biscuit etc Lunch and dinner used to be narmally same Daal bhat set where you get at least 6 items on it in small portion, Daal is soup of any grains,bhat is rice and veg/non veg curry,pickle,slice of salad/green chilli. In Nepal we used to have mid day breakfast like chowmein,Dumpling(MoMO)and a lots of verieties of starter or snacks in restaurant specially in Newari cast to whom i belongs to.

    2) Depends if old traditional houses those are normally made from bricks and mud with tin or tiles roof but the houses built 25 to 30 years before most of them are built from cement and bricks.

    3)Interesting things are most of all people are friendly as leah mentioned some.Plenty sources of nature and natural beauties scenic,Lost of adventures to do like Rafting,Kayaking,Rock and mountain climbing,

    2nd deepest Bungy Jumping,Paragliding,hiking,camping,Cycling.Lots of Town and cities have plenty historical palace,temple,museaums, Every year there will be at least 100 feast and festival keep continue going on within the year and those all are hindu and buddhist religions related but it doesn't bother anyone.

    Any one can enjoy that feast and festivals. Lots of places they used to make small and big chariot as god temp. home and visit around the cities or town. there was water festival,mud festivals also

    You can stay in lots of places of Nepal as paying guest also where they behave like a family member.

    For shopping also Nepal is known as very cheaper. Equivalent of currency is $1 is to 98 NRs in Nepal.

    I hope this will works for you question's answer.

    further more plenty source and sites in Google.

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    Frankly I do not know anything about Nepal and I would love to hear about answers to this interesting question.

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