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Questions about life in Venezuela?

1. What do you eat? What type of foods are in your refrig or home?

2. Could you describe the types of homes in your country and the one you live in.

3. Please feel add anything else unique or interesting about your country,

I am asking 27 different countries I found on Yahoo! Answers, thank you

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    1. Pretty much anything, Venezuela is very global so you can pretty much find anything from american food (hamburger, hot dogs...), to mexican, japanease, chinese... but of course we have typical food... there's the arepa, hallacas, empanadas, pabellon criollo. Currently Venezuela is having some trouble in suplying some food like Milk, sugar and other essentials

    2. Homes vary a lot from one part of the country to another and from one social status to another. Two story houses are pretty common, but also apartments, and very small and unstable houses called ranchos that form the barrios, where people from the lowest economical status live. Unfortunatelly there are a lot of poor people in Venezuela that live in those houses and in not very good conditions, specially when it rains a lot. I currently don't live in Venezuela... but I used to live in an apartment with my parents.

    3. Everything about Venezuela is interesting :P we have a wonderful country, with beaches, jungle, mountains, deserts and city :) people are wonderful, I doubt you will find happier people and ready to help others... but at the same time the country is passing through a moment of tense economical-social-political-safety situation... :(

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    Well I'm from Venezuela so I can inform you all. Venezuela is in south the us, frontiers with: colombia and Brazil to the south, Caribbean sea to the north, east colombia, west guayana. Here we concentrate to the whole lot, however the countrywide tune here's Joropo and dance .... good , I don't have any thought, perhaps wikipedia, I realize there are conventional dances, however humans is not dancing them daily. National park: Zoologico del pinar Zoologico de acricuao Centro de arte los angeles estancia Parque nacional el Avila Oil constantly oil We consume the whole lot , however the tipical meals is Arepas, Pabellon, cachapas (the ones are quality), empanadas. Look in google venezuelan meals, you're going to uncover plenty of recipes. Famous character Well there are a few men right here, good useless is Teresa Carreño (pianist, singer, composer, and conductor) quality lady, and alive we will uncover mmm perhaps juan arango in physical games. There are plenty however they don't seem to be the worldwide, and the cientists are not that popular. Bye

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