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Bare Minerals

I just bought Bare Minerals makeup yesterday. (I got the starter kit). I tried it this morning and it doesn't seem to cover as much as the liquid I had used I not using enough? I feel like I need to use way more than what seems to be the norm...any suggestions??


Another question, how long does a typical container of Bare Minerals last? Using liquid, I only bought it once every 2-3 months...

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    Bare Minerals is designed to give "natural" coverage. It's not supposed to "mask" your skin like some liquid foundations. If you apply it correctly, it should only give the appearance of a natural, healthy "glow" without actually looking like you're wearing make-up. Don't over-apply it.

    It takes some getting used to if you've been one to always wear liquid foundation -you're not going to get the same results. However, you will notice that your skin "feels" & looks better, you won't have to "touch up" your face throughout the day AND it does go a long way...I've been using the same Bare Minerals now for over 6 months! A couple of tips:

    1. Moisturize your face well before applying Bare Minerals. Since it's a powdery base, it will soak up more of your skin's natural moisture and have a tendency to feel more dry than a liquid foundation.

    2. Make sure you use the "Veil" finishing powder because it really "sets" the finished look and gives a flawless finish.

    3. Combine your favorite blushes, eye shadows, etc. in conjunction with using Bare Minerals foundation. Especially if you have a certain "look" that you like and works well for you, don't be afraid to mix it up a little and play with your new make-up a bit to tweek your new look.

    4. Wear it around the house or out to run errands for a day or so before giving it the "thumbs up" or the "boot." Seeing yourself in natural light outside or while in the car will make all the difference. Try applying it next to an outside window so you can really see what it looks like when people see you outside in the daylight.

    **Bare Minerals isn't for everyone either. I'm in my 30's now and I love it, but when I was younger, I swore by my liquid foundation. It's all in what YOU feel comfortable with.

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    Bare Minerals is definitely applied differently than your conventional make up and it does take some time to perfect it, but if you are applying it correctly than you should not use up a container in a week and a half. Everyone is going to have a certain way that they need to apply it to get the best coverage. Remember Bare mineral is used to conceal and and even out your skin with your skins natural beauty showing through.

    When I apply my Bare Minerals... I put the mineral veil on my face before and after everything else. The starter kit also comes with a concealer brush. Dip that brush in your powder foundation and dab it on areas that need extra coverage. Then take the Kabuki brush and do the swirl, tap, and apply. The swirl in tap is so that the brush get the foundation evenly all over the brush so that it will go on your face evenly. You do not want to apply too much of the foundation because it will dry your face out. After applying your foundation you should have a even color over all your face, use the Kabuki brush to blend more if you need to. Then, take the warmth and lightly apply it where you usually use a bronzer. After that finish it with the mineral veil and add apply your blush if you desire. It took me like a week to master it, but I can put my makeup on in less than 5 minutes now and I love the coverage. Good Luck and I hope it works for you, but if not there is a 30 day guarantee.

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    I put on a layer of liquid foundation on with a sponge, and then I brush on the Bare Minerals. I go over the areas that need to be covered with the powder until I am happy. If I don't use the liquid foundation I think it makes my skin look weird, and when I use the liquid I don't have to use as much of the powder.

    When I first got mine I had to use a lot, too. They say that it's suppose to last you like two months or something, but it didn't last me so I changed my account so I get it every month.

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    I bought the kit as well and have the same problem. I took the sifter thing out and use it straight from the pot. I won't be buying any more. I'm going back to Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation. It covers really well and it doesn't make the big mess on my vanity like Bare Minerals. Good luck. 2D

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    Using bare minerals takes some getting used to but coverage should be about the same provided you got the correct color for your complexion. It's designed to blend in, not provide color, but it sounds like you know the difference. For problem areas, there is a great product called bisque {I use this on pimples or dark circles}. Or...perhaps you do just need to apply more .... like I said, it does take a little getting used to, but once you do, I'm sure you'll love it. I've been using it for close to 2 years now have just purchased my 3rd foundation! They last about 6 months or more!! Good luck!

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    i have purchased $700 worth of that stuff for my wife and she had the same problem she used the whole little jar of the starter kit in like 1.5 weeks it was a complete waste of money and it dried her skin up so bad we had to spend another $500 on a dermatologist

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