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Pirated PS3 Games - Possible?

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    It's no use because most games are played online, and the PlayStation network will simply deny your access to it if you are not using an original game (just like the XBOX360 pirated games) Another disadvantage is that, if we do have PS3 pirated games, it means you will need a Blu-Ray writer in order to record BD games, and that can be very expensive. BD recorders are about 800 US Dollars in price.

    EDIT: What could be more realistic if they can come up with a firmware hack that would run ISO backups from an external hard drive, that's more feasible since it doesn't cost us anything (just the external drive). Perhaps something similar to the PSP scene? Maybe....But I'm sure it's not anytime soon, especially NOT next month.

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    pirated stuff will always be possible

    ps3 will be hacked but i dont kno when!

    maybe 6 months or a year

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