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do you have?

how many of you have fighters with different finnage or body(ie:cambodian/butterfly.Tanaka black.Double split-tails.Marble ect.)Has anyone got pure emerald green.

Has anyone created their own colour or fin shape.

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    Wow, ur title is not clear enuf to attract the correct ppl to answer you question!!

    Luckily, I came and have a look.. Let me guess, you are asking about Betta, rgt?

    I have Betta of all type, on and off loh. I usually keep about 50 pcs at any time.. Emerald Green are one of those Original/Basic colour-too bad I have grow out of love for it, so, i have keep/buy any betta of such colour anymore.

    Create New Breed? It'll take long time and effort to do so..I dun have such time loh. I usually have Marble HM Plakat loh. Crown tail and Long HM are harder to maintain, so I dun purposely breed and keep them loh.

  • SkaRox
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    1 decade ago

    I don't. Mine is blue and the ends of his tail are red. I don't breed mine so I haven't had luck with creating a new color/shape.

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    Don't know.

  • 1 decade ago

    ya i know it!

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