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health problems by excessive drinking of alcohol

health problems by excessive drinking of alcohol???

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    First, when you drink alcohol(commonly as ethanol). Alcohol is absorbed by stomach and small intestine and go to the liver, heart and brain by passing circulatary system循環系統(the blood system).

    Ethanol is not very toxic, so it is removed from the blood by the liver. The liver slowly oxidized it to ethanal, then ethanoic acid (ethanal is toxic!!!). Finally become least toxic things, CO2 and H2O.

    However, large amount of ethanol will affect or even kill our body.

    As ethanol is removed by liver, large amount of ethanol will increase the WORKLOAD of the liver cell and even kill them, it leads to hepatitis肝炎 and cirrhosis肝硬化

    And ethanol may also kill brain cell when pass to the brain by the circulatary system. Brain cell can not be renewed when they die so a series BRAIN damage will occur.

    Alcoholic drinks usually contain high sugar level(or energy level) as they are made by fermentation of different rich sugar containing plants. Therefore drinking too much alcoholic drinks may also lead to a high blood pressure, weight problem, etc.

    There are many effects bring to our body by alcohol, more examples are: muscle, cancer of the mouth and liver and stomach problems.

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    all menbers of alkanol family are poisonous.

    methanol is the most one

    ethanol is toxic too but it is toxicity is low

    just make people relax

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